Canning 101 – Bath Canning Tips

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This was what got me thinking about all this Self Reliance stuff in the first place. I have very fond memories of my grandmother coming over with her canning supplies, jars, lids, and her favorites to can, peaches, grapes, green beans, and more. The afternoons that we sat and snapped green beans, or got the [...]

Superfood Amaranth

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Here at ThatAquaponicsGuy, we like to focus on things like the lost ways and ancient knowledge. The forgotten skills that were the difference between life and death are dissolving in the storm of convenience. It can seem pretty horrific when you think about it. We have all heard the potential of being thrust back 250 years [...]

Canned Foods: How Long Do They Last?

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Home Canned Foods – When you can your own food production its shelf life depends on the type of food that you can. According to the USDA An important point for those who are looking to be more self-reliant is to build their food storage stores. And a huge part of that is the [...]

Things I Learned from Grandma Part II

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Long-Lasting Recipes from Grandma Now my Grandma Collins was a prolific cook. And a few of those recipes are found here. But I have also gathered other recipes from the past that other grandmas have passed along. They are not fancy. But, most of them also don’t require hard to obtain and expensive ingredients either. [...]

Things I Learned from Grandma Part I

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I can still remember my grandma and her cooking from decades ago, the recipes that were handed down to her from her mom and grandmas the links of us all through the ages of time can be the way we actually feed ourselves. It is important for us to bring this knowledge to those that [...]

Best Vegetables for Long Term Canning

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When it comes to canning vegetables, it is important to find veggies that keep the best and have high nutritional content, and offer a good value for your dollar and time spent. Here are some things to consider and a few of the best veggies for long term canning. What is most readily available locally? [...]

Pemmican vs. Hardtack

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Pemmican This foodstuff was first experienced in the Native American tribes where they made this durable source of food that can last without too much manipulation. These people spent a great deal of time on the go and depended on having portable, high-energy, highly nutritious, and filling foods that would last for long periods of [...]

Canners Worry Over Supplies Shortages

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[Original Article can be found here] From the State of Virginia When the summer harvest comes in, Rachel Hamman typically cans tomatoes, tomato juice, green beans, and sweet relish. She’s been canning for 25 years and some years have even canned deer meat. “With the canning process and the seasoning I use, it makes the deer [...]

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Natural Sweeteners Provided by Providence

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Sugar cane is hard to grow even in those climates it does. And if you aren't in a tropical area where the rain and soil content are conducive to sugar cane, there isn't anything you can do to get that sweet taste of sunshine. Save that you get a Stevia plant. Yes, stevia is [...]

Foraging In Your Own Backyard

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So you have seen those National Geographical documentaries that have the local natives taking the baskets they weaved and go into the deep forests and jungles to forage for any type of food they could find. You, however, have never thought that the same could be possible for you in your own backyard?! With most of [...]

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