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It Is About Control, Take It Back

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In the time of the pioneers, when the country was still getting tamed, those that came west - Yea, even further back from that time of our Revolution to the dawning of the 20th Century, the onus of taking care of one's shelter, food, medical needs and personal safety were all on the individual themselves. [...]

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Review of The Lost Superfoods

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What I Found In The Book Many of us are familiar with Maslov's heirarchy of needs for human beings. Before personal safety and the need for love, there is the need to secure food sources and the want for shelter from the earth's elements. And since there has been centuries of practice on not only [...]

Chocolate for Valentines – A Good Idea?

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So it's Valentine's Day! Whether you are in a relationship or you are all by your lonesome, chocolates have been the go to for a couple centuries now (maybe even longer) for all the feel good reasons that taste has on the human palate. We have been able, for the most part, to experience the [...]

Black Seed THE Panacea for Nearly Everything

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The lesser known "cousin" to the likes of Turmeric and Cumin, Black Seed from the Nigella Fativa plant has been used throughout history for its amazing healing powers, evidences of this usage reaches as far back as the ancient Egyptians (was reportedly found in King Tut’s tomb). Although having been used for medicinal purposes for [...]

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7 Ways to Live WITHOUT a Refrigerator

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In the past when the power went out, you weren't worried too much unless it lasted for more than a day or two. All that food you have in your fridge and freezer would be in serious jeopardy of spoiling before long. Add in the factor that recent energy consultants are forecasting a shortage of [...]

4 Ways to Stretch the Harvest Year Round

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The saying goes, you strike while the fire is hot. And notwithstanding that it is wise advice if you are blacksmithing anything, it also can apply when it comes to the seasons generally used to grow food; the sustenance that you need to have all year round. Now with Aquaponics indoors you don't have to [...]

Learning Pioneer Eating Methods

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The movies don't give it justice. Whenever someone is hungry, John Wayne can whip out the hardtack or the salted bacon and make a fulfilling meal out of those meager fixin's. Or, if you have seen the wind breaking clip from Blazing Saddles, those beans of a "musical" nature are plentiful. They’d sit out under [...]

The Apothecary in the Kitchen

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As I was growing up, you were able to often find in any kitchen you walked into a spice rack or set of elementary shakers of black pepper, cumin, basil and cinnamon. Heck, I often used that cinnamon that my mom had in the cupboard for that scrumptious cinnamon toast (buttered, with a thin layer [...]

Hot or Cold – How You Take Your Liquids Matters

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We Know We Need Liquids to Survive It is pretty self evident that water is essential to living. And to have your body working at an optimal pace having enough water each day is crucial. Simply put, the human body needs water for most of its functions. The wonder of our creation is such that [...]

No More Fiat Money? No Problem!

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The recent news reports have not been kind for what is being done to the almighty dollar. The current perpetration of modern monetary theory, being a literal money printing factory, pumping trillions of dollar bills out in the system worldwide is fueling the inflation rates. along with the outer pressures upon it are all setting [...]