News Update – Gardening Benefits You More

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Original Article can be Found Here "Kelly Bogowith, a physical therapist at OSF HealthCare in Alton, Illinois, says planting roots – literally – is the jump start many need after being cooped up all winter. And she has no problem rattling off examples. “Using a wheelbarrow, kneeling down to garden, getting back up, carrying bags [...]

Homeschooling Top 10 Tips and Tidbits

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Caveat Before Beginning With the recent actions within this time of the Plandemic of public educators and the refusal of the past social contract of educating our youth, it is coming more and more clear that we will need to have systems in place for us to do the educating and guide the expansion of [...]

Permaculture Planting: Creating Environments

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You have it nagging in the back of your brain that you need, no, you must create a space that can be used to sustain you when the tough times hit. Don't worry, all of us who seek to be truly self-sustaining and independent of economic factors have this knocking around in our brains! No, [...]

Permaculture Planting: Getting Things Straight Planning

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Not everyone is going to be able to have an Aquaponics System working for them. In fact, even for those who have a robust system of Fish and grow medium cycling working for them, we at ThatAquaponicsGuy recommend you also have permaculture environments designed for those plants, bushes, and trees that cannot be done well [...]

Raised Bed Gardening

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Garden Centers across the nation are reporting that business is gangbusters. It seems everyone is into gardening this year. Whether its because they are spending more time at home or they are seeing the genuine need to have things growing around them, the push for 'the garden' is in full swing. Some want to teach their children [...]