Recognizing Truth When You See It

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In recent months I have found myself shrugging in disgust as I browse the web and read the latest headlines. I mumble the words I used to say in the old days, “par for the course”. I say that as I find myself becoming complacent while reading the latest news of government excess, corporate shenanigans, [...]

What Made America Great, and How Do We Preserve It

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We all feel it dripping down on us. Something is amiss here in the grand ol' U. S. of A. The latest polls and ratings are showing that consumers' confidence in our economy is on a giant downward slope and the unease with economic turmoil is sky-high. You know you aren't getting the full truth [...]

13 Skills that Money Can’t Buy

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"Ya know, like, nun-chuck skills and bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills... girls only want to have you if you've got skills!" - Napolean Dynamite There's only so much you can do with gathering the right stuff that you need to have access to when you want to be more Self-Reliant. There may come a [...]

Knocked Down in Crisis; How to bounce back up

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Tricks aren't just for kids anymore! Those who are manipulating currencies and economies have been doing this most handedly for the last two decades. They have been tricking the markets for years and starting with the first bump in 2003 it has been "rough hoeing" ever since. Whether you want to call it a delayed [...]

Education in a Pioneer Setting

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The year is 2021.  Looking back, everything in the good old days of 2001 to 2019 seems like a distant memory now.  The year that was used to push a pandemic upon the populace of the world, the long and arduous 2020 will be forever etched in the minds of all those who were alive [...]

What the Pioneers Knew that We Don’t

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There are a great many things that we have gained with the advent of technology and the widespread adoption of electricity. In the same expanse of time, we have had a great many advances, in almost all areas of life. Medically, scientifically, socially all have seen positive changes. For these, all should be not only [...]

Civil War Lessons

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Back in the 1800s, there was a lot to be desired when it comes to having what you needed to thrive in your environment. Because resources were scarce, it usually led to the general public either going without or working with what they could muster. And the Civil War-era soldier was no different. Here are [...]

Making Things Last

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We all maybe a little too young to remember the stories. Of our grandparents or great-grandparents and what they did when times were tough for everyone during the 1930's Depression. I, myself, only remember a few on how they would fix something instead of throwing it away once it broke. That the ironing board, or the [...]

Skills vs. Gear – What to do first? Part 2

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We want to talk to you about the instance when you have had that downturn in the economy or in society and you are looking at truly starting from ground zero. Once you have secured the short term survival that you have a decent water source, food stuffs, and covering that keeps you out of the [...]

Skills vs. Gear – What to do first? Part 1

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When you are looking to become more self-sufficient from outside factors in your neighborhoods and communities, there will be a time when you look at all that can be done and needs to be done and feel a bit overwhelmed. Rest assured, there is now way you will be able to master all the skills [...]