Beyond the Survival Library – Items to Have At Hand

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You may not be aware, perhaps you haven't looked too closely at it. As one delves deeper into the course of history, and into the patterns that are set into cycles you will find that as the saying goes, "History tends to repeat itself" In fact, if you are studious enough, beyond the advancements of [...]

Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Kitchen Tools to Search For

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I’ve discovered something that was rather surprising – that the ways we do things today aren’t necessarily the best ways to do them. As we look back in time we see that our ancestors had many ways of doing thing that have been lost to us today. While today’s methods meet today’s needs, they may [...]

10 Simple Steps to Achieve Self Reliance

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It used to be that nearly everyone had some working knowledge of what it took to be self-sufficient. It was passed down in everyday living from parent to child. In fact, one could only be totally oblivious to the practices if they tried hard enough. The general public had some wherewithal when it came to [...]