This 2-Acre Vertical Farm Is Managed by AI and Robots and Uses 99% Less Land

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The Original Article is found here In just 30 years, almost 70% of the world population will live in cities. How will we produce food to serve a growing population that is becoming more and more concentrated? Vertical farming seems to be a critical tool for feeding these dense areas—and for doing so without the [...]

Latest in the News – Global Aquaponics Market

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One of the outcomes that are coming out of the Plandemic in the 2nd Quarter of 2020 is the stark realization that food channels can not only be adversely affected but could, in reality, become severed. As was shown when the demand for a particular item, say chicken or bacon, the livestock that has been drawn [...]

Geodesic Dome in Norway

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When you think about living in the Arctic Circle you often imagine a modern structure with modern facilities. Truth be told, architecture has a long history of keeping a good idea over the years. That is why this cob house under a geodesic dome is all you need in order to have a good life even [...]

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