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Getting Well – Homemade Penicillin

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So this is information for the last ditch effort. You are not able to find any form of Penicillin or it's related formulaic cousins anywhere, and there is no hope to either get it, or have it available any time soon. Here's a way to produce this antibiotic if there is no other option. Put [...]

Getting Well – Your Own Situations

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This Whole Series of Getting Well So the last of this series, when it comes to your own situation, we can give you every suggestion possible, but if it doesn't line up to what you are in need of or those who are around you, it will give you no use at all. In the [...]

Getting Well – Stockpiling Antibiotics

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Building Your Antibiotic Stockpile: Being Prepared In today's world, antibiotics play a crucial role in saving lives. From combating a simple cold to preventing deadly infections, these medications have become indispensable in modern healthcare. However, what if access to antibiotics becomes limited or unavailable during a crisis? In such scenarios, having a stockpile of essential [...]

Getting Well – Antibiotics: What and How to Use in Crisis

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In the realm of medicine, antibiotics stand as stalwart defenders against bacterial infections. However, the rampant misuse and overuse of antibiotics over the past six decades have led to the emergence of resistance among bacteria. Despite this challenge, antibiotics remain invaluable for combating infections and preventing dire consequences like sepsis or gangrene, especially in emergency [...]

Getting Well – Antibiotics Veterinary Style

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A Starting Guide to the Use of Animal Antibiotics towards Human Consumption For the longest time this question did not need to be asked or answered. Access to live-saving drugs from Big Pharma was readily available for those who had the need and especially had the money. With the flux of what's happening with pharmaceuticals [...]

Getting Well – Powerful Natural Antibiotics

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Before the advent of modern penicillin, if you got a wound of any significance you had to be awfully careful to avoid infections. If it did turn, there was very little that you could do to stem the tide of that infection, barring cutting off the limb. And if it were on your torso you [...]

It Is About Control, Take It Back

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In the time of the pioneers, when the country was still getting tamed, those that came west - Yea, even further back from that time of our Revolution to the dawning of the 20th Century, the onus of taking care of one's shelter, food, medical needs and personal safety were all on the individual themselves. [...]

A More Natural Healing – Every Day Ailments

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It's late at night, and you are out of the aspiring, or acetaminophen or the ibuprofen. And if you have your green thumb handy, you wouldn't even need to go out to the store to alleviate that headache or as a pain reliever. Before there was Tylenol or even Bayer there are plants that have [...]

Two Dozen Excellent Non-Traditional Preps

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We here on ThatAquaponicsGuy have detailed a lot of things that you could use for those times when things get hard, money is scarce, and resources get low. There are always the tried and true items that you need for food prep, or heating, or self-defense. But there are many other things that can be [...]

Make Your Abode Incognito

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The best way to not becoming a target, is to not look like a target. The shiny tools get picked first, as they would say. In a crowd you want to be as incognito as you possibly can by not drawing attention to yourself or to what you have or as the subject of this [...]