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The Right Way to Grow Your Garden Indoors

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Let There Be Light! One of the few things that are needed in the growing of plant life is light, sunlight or UV rays. Starting and growing your plants indoors is a great way to change up your gardening efforts and to extend your growing season year round. However, providing the proper lighting best for [...]

Self Reliant Mindset a Way of Life Part III

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For anyone who has been unemployed, when you are low on funds there is a myopic view that comes over you that tunnels your vision to getting the job or the money flowing again. All other considerations are put on hold, or ignored until the most pressing matters are taking care of. The same can [...]

Must Do List for Your Gardening Prep

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Now is the time to get your "rows" in order! Pardon the pun, but for us gardeners late winter early spring is an exciting time of year. Whether you plan to plant indoors or out, this time of year will be a busy one for the likes of your plants you have planned to grow [...]

Easy Winter Tasks for an Abundant Spring Garden

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For most parts of the US, this has been a banner year for storms, and precipitation that was sorely needed after years of drought. In fact, at the time of writing this we have several inches of snow that we are dealing with as we speak, When looking out over a snow-covered yard, the last [...]

Self Reliant Mindset a Way of Life Part II

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Coming to terms with the survival mindset is often the first hurdle that newbie Self Reliance Adherents (a.k.a. preppers) must overcome.  Getting beyond that shock that we all are scarcely prepared for incidents that had happened in the past i.e. wars, economic depressions, long lasting famines, etc., we can get our feet underneath ourselves and [...]

Diseases We Have that the Pioneers Didn’t

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Modern advancements have been a literal God-send to all who live today. Inventions, knowledge acquirement, and technical capabilities are miraculous in all aspects of looking at them. We have certainly been blessed with these developments that was not possible a mere 100 years or so ago. That, notwithstanding these advances, we as a population suffer [...]

Self Reliant Mindset a Way of Life Part I

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The terms of - prepping, survivalism, emergency preparedness, disaster readiness – have been equated by the powers that be with nutcases and conspiracy theorist wearing tin foil on their heads. Call it what you will but having the proper mindset to be able to develop skills and capacities to take care of yourself in good [...]

Alternatives to Big Pharma Pain Meds

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As someone who has dealt with chronic pain for as long as 20+ years, being able to alleviate the pain being experienced is worth a pocket full of gold. Most people have become accustomed to the over the counter pain relief solutions that can be found in the stores. And for those forms of pills [...]

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10 Things To Do To Prepare for Hard Times Ahead

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Lessons from the past tend to save us all a bit of pain and and spare us a world of hurt. Most of those in our communities and even in our very own families are not even thinking about last week let alone what happened in the near or far past. This myopic erroneous view [...]

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The New Year on the Horizon

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So, what is usually a doom and gloom type of article, as most predictions and extrapolations into the future are, I want to concentrate on the good things that can result in lieu of the "devastation" and it's wake. With that in mind, I want to let the reader here know that I have the [...]

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