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This section is going to be the most fluid… pardon the pun… than any other on this site. We are learning and growing with you. We are bringing to you, to the forefront of consciousness the need for being self-sufficient and knowledgeable on how to feed and maintain feeding sources for you, your loved ones, and all that you may have influence over. We want to bring this to the world, young and old to be able to have their own source of nourishment or be keenly familiar in how to be able to bring food to the table, nourishment to the mind, and confidence to the soul.

We anticipate to be building on this more and more resources that are not only educational but practical in application. We are moving forward as we can, from precept to practice, knowledge to know-how, and beyond that to wisdom. On our journey, hopefully, we can show to as many as come across this information on Aquaponics and all its tangents that if we can plan, practice, and propagate everything in this hearty endeavor that we mean to, then can we be able to call this a success.

Now, take in all that we have for you here, incorporate it, try it, practice it, and come back for more. We will enjoy seeing you as you journey along this path!


Having the right fish stock makes a world of difference for a fantastically producing ecosystem..

All About the Fish

Matching your regional seasons with the right fish is essential.


Driving Soil-less growing methods that will be able to increase yields and decrease water usage.

Going Vertical

Plans, setups, tactics, and builds that utilize this set of Hydroculture.


No matter the size, the mobility or the plants you want to grow, we have what you need here.

The Closed Ecosystem

From the very start of your Aquaponics journey to your growth expansion.


Utilize natural farming conditions in their natural state to be able to grow the stock you want.

Traditional Home Gardening

Set of design principles using whole natural ecosystems where you are at.

Herbal Alchemy

Resourcing the natural compounds found in nature for your health and well-being

Self Sustained Agri

Learning and indexing of those plant and natural based compounds used effectively in the past.

Food n Stuffs

All what you desire for healthy, nutritional, and delicious sources of food for your long term needs and intake considerations

What's, Where's & How's

Employing the tried and true methods of food preservation, preparation and storing.

Animal Care

The wise stewardship of the types of animals that can assist you in your well-rounded life

For All Various Uses

From the birthing to placing food on your table there is a wise way of rearing animal stock.


The acquiring of the knowledge, know-how, and first hand experience of being prepared

Being Ready for Anything

The knowledge, the tools, the plans, and components that facilitate real-life fulfillment.


Freedom and liberty to thrive where you have been placed, and look to build upon

The Land Connections

The human connection to the earth is also beyond the raising of food, and animals, it is living well in your environment.

Skill Sets

The development and full practice of specialized skills, tools, methods and trades in living well

Every Day Living

Being well-versed in the ways of working with just about any material, in any season, under any circumstance.

Online Portals & Magazines

Here are a few resources that can start you on your road to developing and working your own Sub-Urbian Farm. Beyond what you find here on ThatAquaponicsGuy are some great sources to bring in more knowledge, know-how, and new info when doing your backyard greenhouse.

Rural American Know-How

Whichever you are looking to do when it comes to agriculture, from the traditional farming all the way to the hobbyist and nearly everything in between is contained here in this Magazine Portal. One of the places to have learned a great number of things, the information here is one to continually reference.

Click Here for the Portal

Where the Government Stands

If you are looking to bring the system you are building to any type of business model the Federal Government through the EPA has put out a Guide to what they advise. It is pretty humdrum and basic, but it is always good to see where the government wants to poke their nose into things and where they do not.

For the 25 Page PDF Click Here

Growing Among Asphalt

When most of our populations are currently found in the urban and suburbian (Sub-Urbian) areas, there is obviously a need to show, and bring the essential information on how to do your own growing in such circumstances. Bringing to you the latest in hydroponics, greenhouse vegetable, vertical farming, and urban agriculture methods.

Click Here for the Portal

Full Food Cycle

With the push that is all about organic, and non-GMO, this magazine portal is covering everything worldwide that has to do with food from the growing to the table. GMO and Non-GMO alike. It is a good reference to have when one needs to see what is happening globally.

Click Here for the Portal

What You Need to Know, When You Need It

When it comes to rediscovering the ways that our grandparents and great-grandparents utilized to be able to make life not only bearable but also a delight to live there are very few that still showcase what they were. One of the gems in the rough has been the work of a curator of the pioneer arts. What you will find here in the Survivor Library is a cross-section of what communities in the past put down on paper and in books. If you are so inclined, sifting through the lexicons of these works will get you the greater knowledge that will be needed sans-electricity.

Click Here to check out the Library

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