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Back in the day when there was no refrigeration, and moving around was not the norm, people would have been making serious plans, and building full abodes for all types of storage. The barn is an easy one to remember, but has too many people in our day heard of root cellars, dugout sheds, and bottling cupboards? These things were essential so that in those times when growing, getting, or catching certain food or life-sustaining items were scarce, that you had them as the need arose.


In modern times we are a bit less stationary as we were, and that we can use a fridge or a freezer to be able to keep the things we find delicious in the summer around for the winter. As we look to gain systems to be able to grow year-round, we need to see that we are storing them the right way for the long haul if needed. That is what you will find here, the ideas, details, and examples of doing just that.

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In times past, there was a real need to have places to put those things that you were saving, preserving, or housing for not only today, but for the next few seasons. Storage was a real need and accommodating that was present in even the smallest of homes and gardens. The world today, only think of storage as that you can rent a space for the excess you can’t fit in where you live. We want to change that!

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Storage Hacks

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