The Scratch Aquaponics System Kit

The Scratch Aquaponics System Kit

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Bringing you into producing your own food indoors. Using items you can buy right off the shelf, TAG gets to you the Aquaponics system you can use inside your house or garage The Scratch Kit System includes for you:

  • Two grow beds with a Bell Siphon assembly for each
  • One Larger Fish Tank
  • Water Pump Assembly with “T” Hose set up and Volume Valve
  • PVC Frame Made to Size 3/4 inch to 1 inch in diameter
  • Step-by-Step Setup and Operational Aquaponics Kit Manual

The following you will need to purchase SEPARATELY from the Scratch Kit above:

The manual will walk you through the setup of the Scratch Kit with all the pre-cut PVC pieces as well as the Bell Siphon assembly


You can now get started on getting the experience you need to become Food Independent. ThatAquaponicsGuy Scratch Kit Aquaponics System is set to be able to give you the general sized capacity to your own personalized indoor growing system. Exact measurements are given and set into the kit with the pre-cut PVC framing.

Takes only 15 minutes to set up and get started cycling your Scratch Kit System. Get Started here reclaiming what you will have to eat!

For the Local Orders (within a 50-mile radius of my HQ) we will offer you a setup consultation for FREE

<<a $75 value>>


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