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It is only a by-product of what we do, with the self-reliance, backyard sub-urbian farming and lost methods of living that a testimonial naturally and spontaneously springs forth. When you are creating something of true value, those you connect with will also go beyond mere satisfaction of what they accomplish – they must talk with others about what they’ve experienced.

“We felt the need to get together in our own yard the system that we could use in times of hardship that could be just around the corner. I can’t tell you how much it means to know that I can provide for my wife and kids at least the vegetables that they will be in need of. Thank you for what you are bringing to us, of those who see where our communities may be headed.”
Sean J., Wisconsin
“If I could give 100 stars for what I have learned in getting my “house in order” to ThatAquaponicsGuy I would! I’ve purchased a good number of gardening books and each one of them look good from the cover, but don’t have a lot of substance when you get into them. As soon as I got into your Tutorials, I now know that I can see it being done but follow your instructions to do it for myself. Thank you for getting this all in one place, I will keep subscribing each month for all that you have and will put in there for us.”
Jeanette K., Arizona
“Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the great and immediately useful life hacks. I’m finding new ways to improve my family’s every-day chores and find that it’s been the most user-friendly information for the life hacks you highlight on the web site. You can’t beat the practicality of each life hack for us today, let alone in the future when you don’t have all the luxuries of life. The videos and articles you post remove all the worry, hassle, frustration and angst that beginners (and novices) like me feel when undertaking to make a lamp or cough lozenges. If you can read and follow directions, these life hacks are for you.”
Justin O., Georgia
The advice that I have received from you as I have been building my indoor desktop system for my little family has always been so useful. I cannot thank ThatAquaponicsGuy enough for getting me on this path of living more healthy and the ability to teach my children how to be more self-sufficient. Look forward to seeing more and more here on the site!
MacKenzie G., Utah
ThatAquaponicsGuy is Amazing! The weather here in Oregon doesn’t always cooperate and being able to grow the fruits and vegetables I want year round is what I have been looking for, for a long time. Now I can have my watermelons and strawberries whenever I want in my year-round aquaponics greenhouse.
Rita R., Oregon
Let me say something to all that read this. In Europe, we have had our share of shortages of food in the past. When I came across ThatAquaponicsGuy, I thought, “Hey, I can do that here too!” Thank you for giving the information that we need to provide for ourselves when things become less available from time to time.
Istvan G., Hungary

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Use the ongoing information, tips, tidbits, and tutorials to bring you and your family the ultimate confidence in being self-reliant.

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the great videos. I’ve recently expanded my garden from the usual backyard tilled type to moving most of what I grow in a greenhouse. These videos have been a huge help in learning my way around setting that up as well as using all the space to its full potential.
Judd I., Texas
ThatAquaponicsGuy, you are so funny! I seem to be always looking for the next one you post – Keep it up!
Karen Y., Idaho
“I must say that when I got on here, I wasn’t sure if any of this stuff was for me. I am in Tennessee and being able to grow just about anything, how would putting something in a greenhouse help me. Then, I came across your list of medicinal plants and the lightbulb went on for me. I have always been one that would prefer going the natural way of taking care of health issues, and when I saw these, I knew what I was going to start growing with my Aquaponics system! I am just in the beginning stages of it all, but I can’t wait to let you know how growing my own “apothecary” stores in my backyard. Thanks a bunch, ThatAquaponicsGuy!”
Abby Jo L., Tennessee
“You have inspired me to be doing what my great-grandparents did when they homesteaded in Kansas so long ago. I have been unemployed for a time before and felt the anxiety that nearly ate me alive when I didn’t have what I wanted to put on the dinner table. Now, in a time of prosperity for me, I am bound and determined to never be in that position again! With your Aquaponics Kit, I am now feeling confident that if another downturn comes my way I can not only have enough to eat each day but have something to fall back on to bring in the other necessities of life. Thanks once again.”
Stuart W., Colorado

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