Meet the Crew

We source the greatest minds and talents that are in the vast field of Aquaponics today. From the setting up stage of a project to the production period – all along the way we are tapping into the sources, the experts and tried and true methods for a food producing closed ecosystem. These morsels that have been tested in the real-time of Aquaponics we get right over to you.

As we grow, we will definitely have more boots on the ground or toes in the dirt that will be handling all sorts of fun stuff for us. We will make the proud announcements as they happen to That Aquaponics Guy, LLC. And when it does we will welcome each one with their mug here and their experience detailed below.

If you are wanting to be a part of the odyssey that is contact us and let us know what’s on your mind.

Our Valuable Team Members

Grandma - Virginia
Grandma - VirginiaContributor
Having been through the hardest times of the 20th Century this amazing woman was a mother during the Depression of the 1930’s. She canned, cured, cut, preserved, stored and prepared among many other things to make life wonderful for her little brood. Her knowledge, tips and tidbits are all over this Web site, and although she has been gone for nearly 40 years, her legacy lives on in me.
Grandma - Verda Belle
Grandma - Verda BelleContributor
She was famous for doing the little things that made life easier. The methods of buying and making clothes, the steps you need to take to make anything last longer, or the way to cook/prepare meals that just didn’t seem possible. She was one of my inspirations to bring us back to a remembrance of the basics of Life Hacking
Grandparents Galore
Grandparents GaloreContributors
We are setting in place the old knowledge, the “life doesn’t have to suck” know-how that in ages past was readily known but has been forgotten through modern technological advancements. The daily, day in day out action items that our forefathers utilized to bring food security, and bit of heaven into existing. The Like Hacks that made living easier, healthier and more pleasant all the way around.


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