Now I have never been in the military nor looked to do any sort of skydiving (nor will I ever voluntarily do so) I have nonetheless seen how you start training to jump out of airplanes at great speeds and heights. From the T.V. shows of the likes of Gomer Pyle and Private Benjamin I learned that as with anything you set to leanring the “baby steps” are crucial to your ultimate success.

At ThatAquaponicsGuy we come from a place that has:

a) A generational acquaintance of urban and sub-urban living with it’s non-agricultural and fully technical atmosphere.

b) Individually been living in a home/apartment that you can readily move from (either renting or paying a mortgage).

c) Little or no knowledge of any form of what can be considered a long-term food allocation and storage.

d) Limited space for gardens, growing areas or greenhouses and also limited in funds to do what is necessary to put this all in place.


With this in mind, everything we cover and/or carry will come from this base of assumptions to jump from for you as well.

It’s Been Done Before


So can you! It had been done in times past to a great part and out of necessity was done successfully for generations. Although these topics, activities, and knowledge may have been nearly forgotten, they certainly have not been lost. With diligence and commitment, you too can have the self-assurance that, come what may, you and yours will be fine and be able to share with others. Take the time necessary to ensure this is the case with your family today!