Permaculture Planning: Planting Wisely

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Most neighborhoods in America don’t deviate much in their landscaping. In suburbs across the country, you’ll find well-manicured lawns, trimmed shrubbery, inoffensive trees, and perfectly spaced flowers. Now, that may be fine and dandy in places where rain falls abundantly however, for those regions in which aren't full of meadows and forests, rather it is [...]

Permaculture Planting: Creating Environments

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You have it nagging in the back of your brain that you need, no, you must create a space that can be used to sustain you when the tough times hit. Don't worry, all of us who seek to be truly self-sustaining and independent of economic factors have this knocking around in our brains! No, [...]

Permaculture Planting: Getting Things Straight Planning

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Not everyone is going to be able to have an Aquaponics System working for them. In fact, even for those who have a robust system of Fish and grow medium cycling working for them, we at ThatAquaponicsGuy recommend you also have permaculture environments designed for those plants, bushes, and trees that cannot be done well [...]

How Aquaponics Works

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It is essentially a microcosm of the greater ecosystem that we are all aware of... with the condensation (rain or snow) falling from the clouds nurturing the plants and animals encouraging growth and blooming. However, Aquaponics is a bit more efficient than that. here's a "cloud's eye view" of how aquaponics work. First off: The fish, [...]

Sustainable Living — Making Nature Do the Work

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The sub-urbian environment is dominated by buildings, houses, pavement, lawns, and other non-natural elements. We constantly struggle against nature to maintain our built environment, for those out of place lawns and most certainly our gardens. This can include the use of fertilizers and pesticides that, if used improperly, can cause environmental harm. Our built landscapes can [...]

Aquaponic System Build Obstacles

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In this world of ours, with all its technological advancements, it is still imperative for us to know, and attain food self-sufficiency. However, it seems the more we try to do that, the harder it becomes to accomplish that. With the events of the last 5 months, with the initial precautions for the Chinese released virus [...]