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Two Dozen Excellent Non-Traditional Preps

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We here on ThatAquaponicsGuy have detailed a lot of things that you could use for those times when things get hard, money is scarce, and resources get low. There are always the tried and true items that you need for food prep, or heating, or self-defense. But there are many other things that can be [...]

10 Things To Do To Prepare for Hard Times Ahead

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Lessons from the past tend to save us all a bit of pain and and spare us a world of hurt. Most of those in our communities and even in our very own families are not even thinking about last week let alone what happened in the near or far past. This myopic erroneous view [...]

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Learning from the Ancients

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When you are looking to keep you and yours Self Reliant you have to look to those who had to be or else. Those that it didn't matter what you thought, how you were brought up, or current station in life it was a matter of life or death. In the times where if you [...]

10 Main Components for Self-Reliance

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The Ten Facets of Self Sustainability Often when people think of being self reliant, and start learning they find that there is far more that the don't know about or have experience with than they actually do. This usually kicks in that momentum-killing feeling of being overwhelmed. Which often leads to action paralysis and procrastination. [...]

No More Fiat Money? No Problem!

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The recent news reports have not been kind for what is being done to the almighty dollar. The current perpetration of modern monetary theory, being a literal money printing factory, pumping trillions of dollar bills out in the system worldwide is fueling the inflation rates. along with the outer pressures upon it are all setting [...]

Urban Skills and Street Smarts

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No one and I mean NO ONE wants to be Crewman #6... If you aren't familiar with the term... let's try those Trekkies out there. In a catastrophic world, you don't want to be caught with a red shirt on... comprehende?!? Alright, straight up in plain English then. When crap hits the fan in this [...]

Where You Live – Does It Matter?

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Generally speaking, people are happy with where they are living. Or happy enough, as it might be. When it comes to being self-sufficient and having the right planning and production in place that may change their desired landscape. No matter where you are presently residing there are positives and negatives to each Urban, Sub-Urban, and [...]

On a Moment’s Notice – Getting Outta Dodge or Staying Put

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When it comes to getting your resources together and being able to provide for the needs of your family and loved ones is determined by many factors. This basic question easily sprouts all manner of responses and you will rarely find an agreement on which is the better option. The only good thing about this question is there are [...]

Skills vs. Gear – What to do first? Part 2

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We want to talk to you about the instance when you have had that downturn in the economy or in society and you are looking at truly starting from ground zero. Once you have secured the short term survival that you have a decent water source, food stuffs, and covering that keeps you out of the [...]

Foraging In Your Own Backyard

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So you have seen those National Geographical documentaries that have the local natives taking the baskets they weaved and go into the deep forests and jungles to forage for any type of food they could find. You, however, have never thought that the same could be possible for you in your own backyard?! With most of [...]

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