We do not recognize the progression or regression of the state of things when it is up close and personal. When we have tried to lose weight in the past, it is hard to see that the day-to-day happenings have a way of accumulating to a larger result. You can name just about anything else in life, which is the case when placed against the backdrop of time.

This is the same when it comes to economics, especially our own. All we can feel and deal with is what is happening here and now, not what may be happening on the larger stage. But if we are able to pull back a bit, from the front line battle and look at the war, we can see the trajectory of where things are traveling to, and perhaps see some of the ‘road signs’ ahead. We can learn a ton when we see the real picture of what has happened and is happening economically.

The State of Things

During this last American President’s tenure, we have seen things steadily increase in cost and in the expenses we are now incurring. And if you can take the Macro view of this, what is currently occurring in our communities shouldn’t be a real surprise to you. As a nation, we have been kicking the pain of economic corrections down the curb for so long that it has finally reached its inevitable point of no return. More actual dollar bills in circulation will devalue the money already in use, and the powers that be have been dumping trillions into the economy for years.

Inflation has caused an imbalance in wages, and cost, and with this rocking of the boat, there are going to be some precarious situations. Name it, and the cost of it to a household has gone up, Utilities, Gas, Insurance, Repairs, and most closely felt is Food. Since the beginning of this last President’s time in office, Inflation (if calculated as it used to be in the 80’s) was over 15% for two years straight, not the 9% reported. The fudged numbers were designed to hide the fact that we in our families and homes are soon to take it directly in the shorts.

Across the board, prices at the grocery store have gone up at least 22%. You have seen it on Facebook or on TikTok, that a few items that used to cost you just under $20 are now costing well over $30. The staples (bread, milk, eggs, etc.) have been hit with higher pricing as well as things like batteries, air filters, and laundry sheets. It has been estimated that the average American household is spending $1100 more a month to get the same food stuffs they got back in 2020.

It’s simply unsustainable, and there will be a crash of some sort, when and exactly what is first to go is the guess right now, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’.

Historical Context

We have seen this before, but not at this incredible magnitude. This was the state of things 2 to 2.5 years before the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and similar to 2007 before the monetary meltdown later that year. This time, however, we are at least 45% deeper in debt as a nation, as well as fiscally unhealthy.

The same, lame-duck governing was present, the fiscal discipline was nowhere to be found and the greed of those “in the know” knew no bounds. Looking to take the quick rush of profits now and damned be the results and costs to the public as a whole.

Then, it drove us into a Deep Economic Depression, which had far surpassed any before it in the length of time and overall exposure to the nation and the world. This one that we are facing now is much more ominous and potentially devastating; we can feel and smell its hot stinky breath on the back of our necks and sense the presence of it with $34 TRILLION in national debt.

But this is not about doom and gloom, folks, no, far from it.

What Can Be Done Now

We are fortunate to have had something like the Great Depression that hit America before because we can see how they then dealt with the drastic downturn. Admittedly, there were instances where people handled it very poorly, or not at all. However, the vast majority were able to weather that economic storm by being prepared to do so. We can take from their example and have the knowledge, know-how, and wherewithal to be just fine through these soon-to-be no-money troubles

Grow Your Own Food!

Surprisingly enough, back in the 1920’s the government encouraged people to keep chickens and a garden (see the Dept of Agriculture ads in the likes of Harper’s Weekly). That has been drummed out of our society over the last couple of generations for some odd reason. But our grandparents and great-grandparents knew how to grow their own food and preserve it for the next few seasons.

We too must do the same! If you have any chance to be able to eat regularly without having to resort to a forced intermittent fasting situation or holding up your neighbors; then, it is now you must get the ball rolling.

Join the Beat-Inflation Gardening Club Now

Get your tuchus in gear right now! Now is the moment, to get practicing… Aquaponics, Hydroponics, or the tried and true, everyone kinda knows about but hasn’t yet tried backyard gardening. Who is going to care about Kentucky Bluegrass when the cost of food becomes prohibitive? And the grass is a poor substitute for an evening meal or even a snack.

Take the steps necessary today and get growing before the time to act and grow outlasts your ability to not eat. Like always contact us for a consultation in whatever food-growing enterprise you look to take on.