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It’s all fine and dandy to be able to gather, create, make, and preserve, but if we do not use what we are putting up and together it all would come to naught. It is in the use of these things, the making of life easier, a little bit more luxurious, our cherished that it all becomes worth it. If not so, then we might as well find ourselves a cave and forage and scavage on a daily basis.


Having a method, or a sequence of steps that you utilize to bring those things you have made, put up, or preserved is most crucial. Most of what makes life sweet tends to be perishable. And so you need to have a uniformed process to it all as you use the oldest and replace it with the newest. The Usage section here will cover the following items below.

Daily Usage Details

Everything on this earth has been created for our use and pursuit of happiness. This line is tempered with another from scripture of being a wise and faithful steward of what you find yourself to be in possession of. And all our efforts to create, preserve and store will come to naught if we don’t properly use what we have gathered together.

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Usage Hacks

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Imagine the confidence and self-assurance you will have in any situation you may find yourself in. In times of plenty, and times of scarcity; in places with tons of resources and very little to offer; for just your family or a way to make your living when you know all there is to growing, preserving, storing food and all the other “secrets” that make life easier in any economic circumstance. Don’t solely rely on what’s being done today, but on what you can do, day in and day out come what may.
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