The World of Aquaponics

Life in America, in these borders of the great ol’ U.S. of A we have a proud tradition of being the beacon on the hill, where dreamers come to make them a reality and that good-hearted people, like you and me came, and can still come and improve their lot with moral and honest work. Where you pick yourself up by the bootstraps, wipe the sweat and blood of your brow, and get back to it. This is the America I was brought up to believe in, the USA I remember.

Many factors have come into play for this information contained on the site, in the videos, in our guides, tutorials, courses and data to be most appropriate to know, learn and practice. Economic turmoil, market flunctuations, and natural catastrophes have taken a toll on what used to be stable and commonplace. Add to that the influx of other political and philosophical views trying to “fundamentally change America as we know it” have also played a deepening part in the need of being truly self-sufficient.

Somewhere along the way the best of the best life hacks for being self sufficient, that provided those in the past the talents, skills, and know-how, have been forgotten. With each of life’s basic needs, food, shelter, and companionship the methods of doing it right have been lost from the general public’s awareness and its common sense values vanished. We use Aquaponics as a stepping stone and, providing yourself with an independent food source is crucial to being self-sufficient, but we aim to look, highlight, and teach so much more. Welcome to the Journey!

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Who Is ThatAquaponicsGuy?

We are committed here at to bring to the greater knowledge of Aquaponics, the methods for sustainable food production and an alternative source to raise food anytime, anywhere and in any season. We endeavor to bring you the highest in quality information, products, and step by step know-how to do become and remain self-sufficient for yourself and your loved ones. Anything connected thereto we also seek to bring to your attention and serve to be a source for the information for which you search.
We can break it all down to 4 simple components: 1) Because there is so much instability all around us, we need a stable source for the basics of life. Most essential of those is safe food and food production. 2) We are of the Sub-Urbia jungle, where space, time, funds and knowledge often is limited. We cater to those in this ‘jungle’ atmosphere and to those who are even deeper in the urban habitat. 3) We want to make it all easy to remember, to set up and to maintain, and if so be, to make it portable to move from place to place. And lastly, 4) With these complete systems for food, we can also want to put back into the public’s consciousness the other forgotten “Life Hacks” that our forefathers used daily to make life that much sweeter. Just in case the unthinkable happens to us, whatever that may be.
Straight forward with this, our promise is complete honesty throughout each process, step and information gathered and given. We have no pretense, we state and have no hidden agenda, we are who we are and want to be. No apologies, and no excuses.

We feel that this is needed in our day and time, that the reliance upon the technological, although grand and ever-reaching, does have its limits. And as history has shown us time and time again, we must prepare and know how to navigate the downturns of life and socio-economic realities. To do so lessens our dependence on any form of government, strengthens our resolve to do it right, completely stops the stress of financial incapacity, and grows your self-sufficiency to a point where you are the master of your own fate. It blesses the lives of others who also are like-minded as you are. That is the promise.

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