Review of The Lost Superfoods

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What I Found In The Book Many of us are familiar with Maslov's heirarchy of needs for human beings. Before personal safety and the need for love, there is the need to secure food sources and the want for shelter from the earth's elements. And since there has been centuries of practice on not only [...]

7 Ways to Live WITHOUT a Refrigerator

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In the past when the power went out, you weren't worried too much unless it lasted for more than a day or two. All that food you have in your fridge and freezer would be in serious jeopardy of spoiling before long. Add in the factor that recent energy consultants are forecasting a shortage of [...]

4 Ways to Stretch the Harvest Year Round

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The saying goes, you strike while the fire is hot. And notwithstanding that it is wise advice if you are blacksmithing anything, it also can apply when it comes to the seasons generally used to grow food; the sustenance that you need to have all year round. Now with Aquaponics indoors you don't have to [...]

Lessons from the Pandemic – 20 Household Products to Get Extra of NOW

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We all remember what happened when the Plandemic hit initially. The news reports of shortages of materials like toiletpaper were being sold off the shelves so much so that grocery stores had to put employees on the aisle to keep the peace. Well, who knows how long this "transitory" inflation is going to stick around [...]

Aquaponics System Farms

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Aquaponics System Farm - Questions Answered An Aquaponics System Farm can be constituted when you seek to increase the volume your systems produce. With the proper methods, and the right planning you can gain that increase you have in mind. When you get your growing processes down, is when you can get the fruits, [...]

Zig Zagging Towards Independence

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What's the Purpose? Some have asked me and wondered why I have pivoted into the world of Self Reliance with all this emphasis on Aquaponics, Life Hacks, Herbalism, Wild Edibles and all that we can do to preserve what we have grown, cultivated, built, and made? All of it, along with the lessons learned from [...]

The Top 7 Core Areas for Self Sustainability

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Your Current Self-Sustaining Status Who of you could, if there is no money, no grocery stores, no food banks, or electrical power at all could continue to live a life similar to what they had previous to the "Snap"? Now certainly we aren't looking at a society after someone named Thanos clicked his fingers together, [...]

Safety Tips for Home Canning

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Like many of us born post 50 years after World War II, I grew up in a family and in an area that was an "asphalt" type of lifestyle. My parents grew the backyard garden, and we occasionally would turn the harvest into a canning project. This slowly gave way because of time and convenience [...]

Common Canning Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Canning has been an important part of food preservation ever since it was discovered. To have the ability to preserve food beyond its natural cycle is a phenomenal feat. To have that ability to eat, and be nourished in the cold times from what was harvested in the warmth of summer is a simple miracle [...]

Canning 102 – The Needs to Know When Pressure Canning

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When you first get into canning, water bath, or pressure canning, you can get nervous. Mind you, not so nervous that the fear keeps you from doing any of it, but a healthy dose of caution at each point along the way. Beyond not getting a proper seal or spoiling the food I wanted to [...]