Safety Tips for Home Canning

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Like many of us born post 50 years after World War II, I grew up in a family and in an area that was an "asphalt" type of lifestyle. My parents grew the backyard garden, and we occasionally would turn the harvest into a canning project. This slowly gave way because of time and convenience [...]

Common Canning Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Canning has been an important part of food preservation ever since it was discovered. To have the ability to preserve food beyond its natural cycle is a phenomenal feat. To have that ability to eat, and be nourished in the cold times from what was harvested in the warmth of summer is a simple miracle [...]

6 Spoilers of Food Storage

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As you are looking and working towards getting your food storage up to snuff, there are two considerations: buy the food outright and/or grow the food on my patch of land.  Now, having food and having a place to grow more can be considered two of the most valuable commodities to have if the world [...]

Buckets, Lids and Gamma Seals Oh My!

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You can't go too far in talking about Food Storage before you hit or 'kick' a bucket. All puns aside, buckets are mighty handy when it comes to storing food. They are reliable, strong, light and can be moisture-free, and, when sealed, will keep most, if not all pests at bay.  They are dime a [...]

Canning Jars – What You Need to Know

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When I recently did some organizing of my supplies, I was a bit surprised at the sheer number of canning jars I had placed into boxes.  By the time I got to the 20th box, I admitted to myself that I am clearly a canning jar hoarder.  That said, I don’t think I am in [...]

What the Crap is Oxygen Absorbers?

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For Any Long Term Sealed Package Storage of Edible Goods All of the following will work for Oxygen Absorption: Mylar Bags  - These are heavy-duty foil-like bags that hold up to long-term storage. Vacuum Sealed Bags - Much easier to handle for more hands-on handling of the food items. Plastic Buckets with Gamma Seals - [...]

Vacuum Sealing: Using Mylar Bags

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Why Mylar? If you have ever seen the difference between plastic balloons and the Mylar balloons on how long the helium lasts within each and keep floating, you can see how much better the Mylar material keeps their seal. Mylar is a lot tougher than a lot of food packaging style bags. It is obvious [...]

Vacuum Food Sealers – What You Need to Know

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They did it for the astronauts Beyond having the powdered drink Tang and bubble gum in a tube, the space program in America also came up with a great way to preserve the freshness of the food that they took up with them. And as they got into the Space Shuttle Era, they seemed to [...]

Top 25 Reasons People Use to Not Prepare

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Now that we have realized that utopia for most of us isn't going to happen, you need to make plans and take action for those downtimes that all of us will face at one time or another. Although the crisis isn't staring at us directly, we tend to make excuses about our procrastinations or apprehensions [...]