The New Year on the Horizon

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So, what is usually a doom and gloom type of article, as most predictions and extrapolations into the future are, I want to concentrate on the good things that can result in lieu of the "devastation" and it's wake. With that in mind, I want to let the reader here know that I have the [...]

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4 Ways to Stretch the Harvest Year Round

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The saying goes, you strike while the fire is hot. And notwithstanding that it is wise advice if you are blacksmithing anything, it also can apply when it comes to the seasons generally used to grow food; the sustenance that you need to have all year round. Now with Aquaponics indoors you don't have to [...]

Your Own Seed Vaults – Build Your Own vs Pre-Made Kits

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Recently, there has been a few Native American stashed caches found dating back a few hundred years. Not of gold or anything like that. What they put away in sealed clay pots was way more valuable to them than gold... they found corn seed, as pristine as if it had been placed therein yesterday ready [...]

Lessons from the Pandemic – 20 Household Products to Get Extra of NOW

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We all remember what happened when the Plandemic hit initially. The news reports of shortages of materials like toiletpaper were being sold off the shelves so much so that grocery stores had to put employees on the aisle to keep the peace. Well, who knows how long this "transitory" inflation is going to stick around [...]

Aquaponics System Farms

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Aquaponics System Farm - Questions Answered An Aquaponics System Farm can be constituted when you seek to increase the volume your systems produce. With the proper methods, and the right planning you can gain that increase you have in mind. When you get your growing processes down, is when you can get the fruits, [...]

Aquaponics System Diagram

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Aquaponics System Diagram - Questions Answered Once you have the concepts straight, doing an Aquaponics System Diagram is essential to be able to gain the right measurements, and components needed for the successful management of your Food Growing System. Each item, measure, and accommodation can be made in a properly drawn up Aquaponics System [...]

Aquaponics System DIY

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Aquaponics System DIY - Questions Answered An Aquaponics System lends itself to be the ultimate DIY project you can undertake. As you delve into what it takes to be Aquaponic, and to have a fully functioning Ecosysytem, you will be able to put one together and Do It Yourself. An Aquaponics System DIY [...]

Aquaponics System

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Aquaponics System - Questions Answered The additional forms of growing food for individual and group driven needs are being considered and practiced. Beyond the backyard garden, there are methods being utilized, such as Aquaponics Systems. An Aquaponics System is the combining of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. Using the fostering the growth of your type [...]

How to Aquaponics When You Rent Part V

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In this, the final article in the “How to Aquaponics When You Rent” series, you will learn that the basic tenants of doing Aquaponics can apply to anyone.  Most especially, you will recognize that Aquaponics is the self-sustaining way of life. Today I welcome you back for part 5  of a 5 in the series on [...]

Recognizing Truth When You See It

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In recent months I have found myself shrugging in disgust as I browse the web and read the latest headlines. I mumble the words I used to say in the old days, “par for the course”. I say that as I find myself becoming complacent while reading the latest news of government excess, corporate shenanigans, [...]