Modern Technology is Phenomenal

No one can say, and if they do would be held a fool, that the advent of modern innovations and technological advancements in all aspects of life aren’t worth the proverbial horse they rode in on. We have seen time and time again how the advancements in just medicine have saved so many from horrible, and truly pathetic lifestyles and deaths. The coming forth of the computing systems we all now take for granted, that are in our pockets, and at our fingertips would put those in the past in complete awe and shock. How could, as they would see it, all this be possible?

Ancient Knowledge is Equally as Wondrous

One can only observe the beauty of a flower, of an ecosystem, of nature in all it’s Godly glory and not see that there are things that can be learned there by no other means. Traditions passed down from fathers and mothers to sons and daughters, generations upon generations in each culture we have come in contact with, along with the knowledge of how to live life to its fullest and the usage of nature to our humanly benefit is amazing as well. Granted, not all that has been in the past was a good thing, and did more harm than good. But we shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Old wife’s remedies, apothecarial methods and ways, and the easing of life’s tribulations for daily living via mechanical manipulations of engineering principles have all played a part of the advancements in our societies today.

Knowledge Gathered Anciently Has Been Tossed Aside

The knowledge and know-how that had been handed down through the ages, of how nature works, certain plants grow, and affect the human body or how through observation one can affect their environment in small and subtle ways have all been set aside by the recent generations. The very real, and effectual actions, and reactions that are found in the tangible real-life living has been set to the realms of mythology and legends.

Especially in the last two generations, when the electronic innovations have continued to increase in capacities, and shrink as to their size, the old ways of living have been merely forgotten. No one has the general knowledge, as in generations past, on how to acquire food that is not found in a grocery, store, or restaurant. They cannot recognize what could be edible and nutritious because they have been programmed to pop a frozen dinner into the microwave. The basics of sewing, heating, securing drinking water, among dozens of other tasks for living are all but lost to those who are now considered the rising generation.

That is why all those projections of when something cataclysmic happens in first world countries; The power grid goes kaput, the worldwide distributions systems are interrupted or merely the Internet goes down due to a cyberattack that thousands in the weeks after and millions in the months after that will die. Mostly from malnutrition and starvation. It has been put out there, that if any of those three I mentioned above lasts any longer than three months that the world’s population will be decreased by at least 27%… and what is 27% of 8 billion people now living? Over 2.1 billion people… poof, gone in less time as it takes to run an NFL season!

The Crucial Action to Take Today

We at ThatAquaponicsGuy strive to make those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, prepared for the changes that are coming down the pike. And that is one thing in this life that all of us can count on, is that things inevitably change. And if we are not ready, if we haven’t girded ourselves to the impact of these changes to us, then we set ourselves up for failure. That isn’t, and never was an option in the past, and those who live today need to have the same resolve for living a good life as the ancients and generations of cultures, peoples, and traditions have done just a mere 100 years ago.

Our Next Few Series of Book Combos

Because the knowledge from our recent past has not been taught to our next generations, we here are bringing back to the forefront that knowledge and know-how that was taught to our grandparents, and great-grand parents. We will be adding to our offerings, books of knowledge and practical know-how that have been published in the past and are out of print. We know that is some respects, the knowledge that are contained therein has been studied and improved upon. The objective to these next Book Combos are to combine what we know now, with the hands-on knowledge of yesteryear.

We will be preserving the knowledge and the illustrations, and the attributions that have come down to us today. That in some small way we can preserve the knowledge before it is lost forever in the fires of Alexandria.

Melting together the best of both worlds, for our benefit in the world that is to come. Click Here to See What Book Combo’s we have in place so far!