Beyond the Survival Library – Items to Have At Hand

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You may not be aware, perhaps you haven't looked too closely at it. As one delves deeper into the course of history, and into the patterns that are set into cycles you will find that as the saying goes, "History tends to repeat itself" In fact, if you are studious enough, beyond the advancements of [...]

The Next Gen: Fragile Mindset and Entitlement Attitudes

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The rising generation. (Generation Y and Z), the iGen generation, and younger people, in general, seem to be taking a beating in many studies and news reports. With those triggers, safe spaces, time-out rooms in colleges, and many businesses nowadays, it is hard not to see them as being a bit soft. This sense of [...]

Things Lost to Technology

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First and foremost, this isn't at all a hit piece on technology. Working better, faster and more efficiently is the goal of every Sub-Urbian Farmer. Rather all that we have lost or become out-of-practice is what we want to highlight and bring back to the consciousness of all those around us. We can download an app [...]

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