15 Tips for Shopping for Food Storage

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It can send your head spinning when you think about taking on the task of Food Storage for you and your loved ones. With all of the varying complexities of personally doing your own food storage and even buying from food storage companies, it may be difficult to sort through and prioritize what is important [...]

Seedbanks are a Must BEFORE You Garden

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It's all fine and dandy to talk about planting gardens and what types of veggies you are looking to harvest, along with the other 100's of thousands of other plants you want in your yard, but if you don't have the actual seeds to do what you want to do, you will only have a [...]

Learning Pioneer Eating Methods

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The movies don't give it justice. Whenever someone is hungry, John Wayne can whip out the hardtack or the salted bacon and make a fulfilling meal out of those meager fixin's. Or, if you have seen the wind breaking clip from Blazing Saddles, those beans of a "musical" nature are plentiful. They’d sit out under [...]

Makings of a Successful Community

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We often go to the dire, the negative and to the desperate when we think of the breaking down of societal norms. And for the most part, there is a lot of negative there to behold. However... We should also look on the bright side of all of this chaos, and hardship that is currently [...]

10 Main Components for Self-Reliance

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The Ten Facets of Self Sustainability Often when people think of being self reliant, and start learning they find that there is far more that the don't know about or have experience with than they actually do. This usually kicks in that momentum-killing feeling of being overwhelmed. Which often leads to action paralysis and procrastination. [...]

Adaptogens – Bring back the Healthy Balance

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In my studies due to my ever-increasing curiosity of the gifts given us by the Master of all sciences have led me to the course of what brings the body into the balance or homeostasis that it was created to have. Without even trying any of us can think of a dozen or more items, [...]

Can I Grow My Own Groceries?

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Let the Doubt Just Slip Away When someone realizes that there is a real need to start to move themselves from the complete reliance upon the food distribution channels that have been set in modern times to a more self sustaining position at one time or another asks him or herself: could I become 100% [...]

Food Security Definition – What Is It?

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Food Security Definition - Questions Answered The full meaning of Food Security is to have ready access to life sustaining food for one's daily dietary needs to promote and maintain a healthy life. A person or family is food secure when they do not have to live with the threat or fear of hunger. Developing [...]

Aquaponics System Facts

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Aquaponics System Facts - Questions Answered Basic Aquaponics System Facts are established with the foundation that it can be much more efficient than regular permaculture planting and harvesting. The facts around Aquaponics is what makes it appealing to those who wish to not only be more efficient, but to grow organically, and with more [...]

Aquaponics System Farms

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Aquaponics System Farm - Questions Answered An Aquaponics System Farm can be constituted when you seek to increase the volume your systems produce. With the proper methods, and the right planning you can gain that increase you have in mind. When you get your growing processes down, is when you can get the fruits, [...]