In the time of the pioneers, when the country was still getting tamed, those that came west – Yea, even further back from that time of our Revolution to the dawning of the 20th Century, the onus of taking care of one’s shelter, food, medical needs and personal safety were all on the individual themselves. That civilization could be a scary place that was not out there for your benefit. And after having had overbearing forms of governments of Kings, Emperors, and despotic “religious’ leaders pressed upon the masses, it was opted for here in America to shed that burden to a form of government that kept the form of the United States, but did not dictate what the daily living was supposed to be. It was upon each one of the citizens, upon each of our ancestors to get up and doing, pull their bootstraps up and put their shoulder to the wheel. Especially if they liked things like eating on the regular, and having a place to stay out of the elements.

That was until the presumably socio-elites and political despots started messing with a good thing, beginning in 1913.

We try to uphold things we include here to have a positive or upwards swing to it rather than a negative connotation of have a downwards movement to the subjects we cover. For in this world there is far more positive, happy joyful, and pleasant things than there are their opposite. But sometimes to highlight the joy we have to identify the misery to which we can determine how we want to act, have and be.

Here’s a description of the three main things that have cause ALL the ANGST you and I have and are now experiencing. I promise the descriptions of which will be brief.

Central control of Money Systems

Starting in 1913, with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and the American money system has suffered by the ineffectual practices and the myopic view of those in charge of it. They have caused all the pain and anguish caused by the mismanagement of funds from the recessions/depressions to the artificial boon times. Money is an imperfect system to use for commerce, and in lieu of something else it has to do… but we could have a much wiser approach to the management of it than what we have had the last 100 years.

Legislating Morality

Increasingly over that last century and into this one those wisecrackers in Washington have felt a need to justify their existence as Representatives and Senators have sought to get further into what is the realm of one’s Moral Convictions and try to pass legislation that brings fairness and equity. Which we know nothing in this world is completely fair and that mankind cannot be constrained to act in a certain manner, only by their own power of self control. Bogging its citizens down with bureaucratic red tape and un-elected requirements only serve to feed the innate drive for freedom and liberty in all who still desire it.

The Replacement of One God with another

The foundation of this country’s government was built upon the Judeo-Christian principles found in holy writ. For anyone else to assert otherwise is pure folly. Having started on that more sure foundation, the surest over all, American society has slowly pulled away from it to the sandy shores of fad and selfishness. And as the great Russell Brand once said, “Once we turn away from the God that is Pure Light, and Inspiration we are left to create gods of our own making.” And that is exactly what has happened starting primarily in the 1950’s and have increasingly supplanted the Enlightenment with gods of diverse and limited scope.

And thus, having been torn away from Liberty and Freedom principles, overburdened with insensible rules of “law” and finding our societies and community adrift in the winds of false gods, and powerful idols we have now come to this point and time.

But all is not lost! Far from it, and we can still move in the direction of Life, Liberty and in the best possible pursuit of happiness we can muster in this world of ours we presently have.

Here’s How We Take Control

Victor Frankl, a Jewish psychologist who lived through the horror of the Fascistic Holocaust wrote in his famous book that after all that was done to him. To strip him of his identity, his sense of peace and self worth, yea, even his humanity. That after all the degradation he suffered, he came upon the realization that even with all that upon him, they could never take his mind, his sense of being, and WHO he was.

Out of the Four items of Shelter, Food, Medical, and Safety we all can, as Dr. Frankl put it, can never be conquered and defeated if we KNOW and DO what we know is best for us and our families.

Personal Safety in All Places

It is easy to assume, in the places we grew up in that we generally don’t think of our personal safety. That has become less and less for certain people in America. Whether it is a female being wary of her surroundings, or anyone in a city setting for that matter, that erroneous assumption can have dire consequences.

The sleuths call it Situational Awareness. Which means, assume nothing is 100% safe. As you are driving down the street, walking in a store or knocking on your neighbor’s door. Be aware of what is around you, what is out of place, or seeking to be “not seen”. Keep in mind that there are those who can and will cause us harm if we let them. And if we act or show that we can be made a victim, we are more likely to have it happen than otherwise.

Additionally, taking steps to learn self defense actions, or using of tools to even the playing field if it comes our way is one way we can provide solely for ourselves and our loved ones the safety of just being alive needs to have. (In pioneer times, guns were not just for show, but a tool for protection.)

Our Health and Medicines

One the medicinal home front, because of how society was in the past, with food inspections, and FDA regulations we were lulled into quiet obeisance to what we put in our mouths. Needless to say, that because of this complacency, we have the highest on the globe cases of cancers, syndromes, diseases, and chronic illnesses. A recent study showed that approx 95% of the food on American shelves have a carcinogenic component to them.  With many things not including ANY nutritional value.

Because our food hasn’t been our medicine, we have as a society come to rely on the good graces of Big Pharma and the American Medical Association to determine was is medicinal and acceptable medical practices. Not talking about any wack-a-doodle methods as Mystic Surgeries, or Pure Energy work. Modern medical advancements are miraculous, and for things that we cannot do ourselves (fix a gallbladder, remove cancerous tumors, or straighten out the spine) we certainly need those skilled doctors and surgeons. But there should be a course of action for us BEFORE we get into the hospital and on the operating table for the myriad of other things that we seek modern medicine to remedy.

We must know what we need to intake to maintain the balance of the homeostasis of our bodies, and we must practice how we do those things on a daily basis. Learn what your body generally needs, and as you walk yourself through the practice of eating with whole and nutritious foods, nothing processed, nothing ‘junk’… when we have, from the garden to the table steps down to 1 or 2, then we get the medicinal benefits.

Additionally, there are things that we can use to be able to assist us if that system of ours has become unbalanced. Naturally occurring plants and compounds that, used singly or in combination with other plants, can get us back on the right track. There is nothing more precious than your health. Once you lost it, you would give anything to get it back, and I say, take the steps necessary to never let it go.

Food Shortages Aren’t What They Seem

The number one thing that was shown to control a people, beyond taking their implements of self defense away, was to control the flow of food to the markets. One of the interesting lessons to be taken from the COVID-19 pandemic is that a food shortage doesn’t mean that food doesn’t exist. It means that food isn’t on the shelves, where customers can buy it.

When a people are worried of starving, or not getting enough to eat, that the mob mentality can take a hold more easily. And if there is no other way of receiving sustenance than the local government (or federal official as it might be) then you get a more compliant populace to the rules and regulations that want to be imposed.

On the opposite position for those who have the food, the tendency of hoarding or “cornering” the market comes into play. Excess food and goods become coveted commodities that, in turn, become items to stockpile to get through the crisis. We have seen in any catastrophe the local markets become bare shelves within 24 to 48 after something hits. Just imagine if the supply of those goods are disrupted for an elongated period of time?

The problem in both of these, in recent cases was a combination of people hoarding and lack of sufficient access to food, does no one any good. It is for us to secure our meals, and the foods that we can make meals from. We need additional sources of food, up and above that what we can get from the grocery store or the local governmental food pantry.

Providing food certainly goes beyond the green leafy’s and the fruit of the vine. You need to learn how you are going to get the likes of eggs and meat on that table of yours as well. Put your brain power to the things that cannot be taken away from you, and you will be able to take that know-how with you wherever you may go regardless of what the powers that be try to do.

Our Looming Debt, National AND Personal

It may not be an overzealous bureaucrat or totalitarian dictator that kicks us out of where we live and make us homeless. In fact, odds are it will be our very own actions that get us out of our domicile. I am taking about the debt load that we personally have undertaken. Putting us into a situation that if we are not able to keep up with the payments, we can be foreclosed on and evicted.

Debt is a merciless master, with the interest as its whip. And any debt that we take on, needful or frivolous, adds to the burden that doesn’t need to be there.

Nationally, some economists were talking about the debt being unsustainable when it topped $10 trillion. That was more than two decades ago and we’re now triple that, and it rising at a trillion dollars a year with the out-of-control governmental spending. Few realize the seriousness of this dire situation. We are past the time of redemption, we are even past the time that anything can be done about it. Collapse of the money systems are just a matter of when not if.

Remember Greece, Spain, Argentina… mere child’s play when it comes to what’s at stake with the American economy.

And so we site here in the middle of it, what do we do? Make sure that no one can call in the debt that can make you homeless if they do. When jobs and payment for work is scarce are you able to whether the storm? Those, where this is happening in China right now are finding that out now. Many are out on the streets by no choice of their own.

This goes beyond the box of four walls you live in now. Learn how to build your own shelters. With whichever materials you may have at hand. Making  adobe bricks, or cutting logs for a cabin or sourcing metal, cement or straw that can be used in bringing you the shelter you need. Again practice what you learn so that the knowledge you acquire sticks.

The Government Won’t be Able to Bail Us Out

Most of the population is now conditioned to think that the government will bail them out when that time comes. With over 80 years of the government giving out food stamps and the various “stimulus packages” which have been approved by Congress over the years, people have become accustomed to the government being there for them, providing for their every need, even if they weren’t well provided for.

And the politicians are going to try to do it again and again, chipping away at our liberties, tightening the noose of dependency on the American public slowly but surely.

But how is the government going to be able to do that, if the dollar collapses?

The only way they could, would be to issue more fake money as “quantitative easing,” just like they have with the previous stimulus packages, increasing the national debt even more.

The result is the same, dependence on the government grows, and people start worrying if they are going to be gobbled up by the machine.

Now is the time to take these things seriously and get ourselves into the position that we cannot only survive this press upon us, but actually thrive as it may be happening all around us. Learn what you need to, put in place the skills, the systems, the tools and the options you can use when the pushing becomes the shoving.

This same thing happened during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. People who lived in rural areas generally had enough food to eat, even if they didn’t have anything else.

On the other hand, people out of work in the cities were standing in soup lines, trying to get something to fill their bellies. These are the people who were on the edge of starvation, and we’ll see them again, the next time we have an economic collapse.

As we find ourselves being pushed into the next economic crisis, however, we’ll be faced with a time when the only people who will be in good shape financially and mentally speaking will be those who are able to care for themselves. Don’t get stuck, or caught unprepared, or worse yet, unawares.

The big question is, are you ready for when that day comes?