What I Found In The Book

Many of us are familiar with Maslov’s heirarchy of needs for human beings. Before personal safety and the need for love, there is the need to secure food sources and the want for shelter from the earth’s elements. And since there has been centuries of practice on not only the cultivation of food, but the production, preparation, and preservation of food for the long term use has fascinated me from an early age.

Modern conveniences, like electricity, along with the appliances that assist us in keeping food longer have essentially wiped out the immediate need to know the practices that had been perfected so long ago. Although easy to do, by utilizing the tech we now have, I have always wondered when that fridge or freezer is no longer available, how does one preserve the food they want and love to eat?

As you may know, by looking at the other articles I have set on ThatAquaponicsGuy, I have concentrated on what can be done with food preservation. I have even gone as far as include a few articles on how to store the food for the longer term usage you want to have. So when I came across this book that was put together called The Lost Superfoods, needless to say I was intrigued.

When I received the book, which was in larger printed font sizes, I saw that someone could use this for their own household needs to stockpile 6 month’s to a year’s worth of food without any need for refrigeration. I was now, a bit more than intrigued. Food Stuffs that were portable and could help in any catastrophe that may occur for any period of time. Now, I needed to know what the book had in it’s pages.

Now, food that can be eaten, or carried with you without a care for keeping it cold, has often filled the “full stomach” quotient, but left a lot to be desired on the Nutrition side of the equation. And not to say all the food detailed in The Lost Superfoods, is chock full of macro nutrients, it does give you that data as well as give you better options for the nutrition your body craves in times of disaster.

From the bread recipe and cooking instructions found from the Cree Tribe in Canada, and the food stuff probiotic hailed to have been used by Ghenghis Khan’s Mongols, to the Shelf-stable meat curing process used by the Ottoman Empire and the portable soup used by Lewis and Clark on their expedition across the continental U.S. Are included and detailed by step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

Over 126 ways of feeding yourself, stockpiling food stuffs and eating well in times of trouble and trial is what I found with the book. So many so, I have not been able to try even a 3rd of them to this point. I can tell ya, I am looking forward to trying out it’s Fruit Leather Recipe!

What Do I Recommend?

I definitely recommend you get this book, in fact, so essential is it to my Survival Library, I went and got a direct link for you to do so. For a minimal cost, and their 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee, this is a no brainer of a purchase. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY COMING YOUR WAY

Let me know what you think of the book! I will be doing some more articles and videos testing out the recipes and seeing how you can too get the results and the food stuffs you want to have.