Maintenance Hacks

Repurposing & Sustainability Prowress

This goes hand in hand with the Know-How section, truthfully it is a part of it. But doing the proper maintenance also includes being able to repurpose items that aren’t necessarily initially made for what you are wanting to use them for. In the past, bale wire, duct tape, and a tack weld here and there was a great way to maintain the equipment and machinery that is needed to do the work.


You need to get a bevy of those tools that will help you maintain the systems, no matter if they are metal-based, wood-based, or any other base materials. This is going to be a section of which you will be able to gleam, work from or get a blueprint for their own collection. Find out what you need to be able to have and use on a daily basis.

Maintenance Details

Being a good steward of life, includes wise management of the inorganic as well as the organic in your life. This section involves the steps and methods that we utilize to maintain those systems, tools, and commodities that we have attained, look after and are responsible for the upkeep. Take a deeper look into what you can do for yours as well.

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Mainteinance Hacks

About Any item or structure that needs to be maintained

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