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How many among us know of people that if they were placed outside of modern civilization, that it would only take the three days needed for lack of water, that they would undoubtedly perish? The practical knowledge of how to make or fix or prevent something happening that is unwanted has been lost, for a generation now. The metrosexual and the hipsters that came after may look the part of being “manly” but they are FAR from it.


With this penchant of a “throw-away” society, the know-how to get oneself out of a fix, to have something broken become functional; To be able to have a bad situation turn into a good situation by hard work and sweat has generally been lost. This section is aimed at getting that back for all who come in contact with this information. It isn’t all about taking some duct tape to something and calling it good, it is also about having the knowledge to take care of things so they don’t break, or have a chance to decay. In any walk of life that we are connected to, having the right know-how is crucial.

Know-How Details

Whether it is by the name of handyman or jack of all trades, those in the past needed to have not only the knowledge but the working know-how of how things work, and how to fix things as they broke or more often than not, wore out. In the age of specializations this talent for getting the job done has been generally lost. We aim to bring back the knowledge and getting those who know the ability to make things work.

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Know How Hacks

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Imagine the confidence and self-assurance you will have in any situation you may find yourself in. In times of plenty, and times of scarcity; in places with tons of resources and very little to offer; for just your family or a way to make your living when you know all there is to growing, preserving, storing food and all the other “secrets” that make life easier in any economic circumstance. Don’t solely rely on what’s being done today, but on what you can do, day in and day out come what may.
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