Pocket Guides First Combo


Get Your eBook Version of:

  • The Pocket Survival Library Volume One: The First Steps

  • The Self Reliance Pocket Guide: 80 Easy How-To’s

  • Combined with a mailed-out-to-you Seed Package of Peppers to start your first garden!

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Gain what you need to be able to get yourself on the right track when it comes to being Self Reliant!  Here’s what we offer to you!

The Pocket Survival Library Volume One: The First Steps

In the first volume of the Survival Library, you are given the first actual actions you can take to be able to have confidence in any circumstance you may find yourself or your loved ones in. These Life Hacks plus, tutorials plus, good preparation practices will build your self-sustaining skills and attributes so that bar anything that comes your way, you will be ready.

  • The Pocket Survival Kit
  • The Skills for Self Sufficiency
  • The Do Everything Fix It Kit
  • Comprehensive First Aid Kit
  • And Much, Much More!


The Self Reliance Pocket Guide: 80 Easy How-To’s

We’ve put together and created for you an easy reference guide some of the basics to becoming more self-reliant upon your abilities, instead of what society is willing to give you. Being able to have the skills and know-how to move forward with your life as pleasantly as possible is the goal of everyone. And will these first offering of 80 How-To Tutorials you can rest assured in those newly acquired abilities. Here are a few things of what you will find in the book:

  • Pack These Important Items Daily – Your EDC
  • Precious Metals Investing
  • Practice Safe Water Practices
  • Stock Up On Mult-Purpose Items
  • The Indominable Bug-Out Bag
  • And, Again, Much Much More


Your First Seed Package of Peppers from ThatAquaponicsGuy.

We get to you the best that can be found on the market when it comes to heirloom seeds, that you can use to begin your garden, whether it is in good ol’ American soil, or for your Aquaponics System. We have the seed connection for you!



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