Yeah, some of the bark-eaters out here have long patted themselves on the back with the idea of recycling of plastics and glass. And although we can’t use either of those readily to grow our wonderful and bountiful harvests, the natural form of these plants we cultivate is one of recycling.

When you see that the plant you have in your grow beds is tired and no longer producing as they once were, pluck them out while they still have a pod, or fruit still connected. Let it brown and dry out. If you can shake the pods or the fruited leftovers and hear or see the seeds drop off of it then they are ready. Pull out the seeds that are whole and of a good coloring, place them on a tray and let them dry in the sun for 24 hours. After you are sure they are completely dry, place them in a paper envelope and label, storing them in a cool dry place for the next batch of seedlings.

Make sure that the original seeds are from heirloom seeds and not hybrids or you run the risk of these seeds not sprouting.

It’s that simple… and you can have a perpetual renewal of those plants and crops you like the most.