There are several key factors to consider to help you figure out what ratio is right for your aquaponics system.  There aren’t any rules to lie by on this proper fish to plant ratio, but this guide will help you to find the best balance for your environment.

Number of Fish

It is generally best to start with a smaller number of fish, then increase the population as your plants grow and you get a better sense of your environment.

Type and Size of Fish

Larger fish consume more resources, but also produce more fertilizing waste.  If your aquaponic farm is home only to a handful of goldfish, your feeding needs will be lesser, but you will also have less plant growth as a result.  If you keep your fish are happy and healthy, they should begin to grow, but this leads us to our next issue.

How Much Should You Feed Your Fish?

Aquaponics set-ups are sustainable, but unless you’ve perfected algae cultivation (and few have), your garden is not a closed system.  The more food you feed your fish, the more energy is put into the system, and your plant growth will improve as a result.

The Go-to Ratio

100 grams of fish food will generally support about one square meter of plant life.