One of the outcomes that are coming out of the Plandemic in the 2nd Quarter of 2020 is the stark realization that food channels can not only be adversely affected but could, in reality, become severed. As was shown when the demand for a particular item, say chicken or bacon, the livestock that has been drawn upon to meet the previous demand has no place to go. Except to be terminated wholesale and heaped into piles for fertilizer and other byproducts.

This phenomenon is not only being seen in our own backyards, but it is also being experienced across the globe where the work and consumer stoppages have happened. Europe, Asia, South America, all are feeling its effects.

Because of these main factors, those so inclined to eat on a daily basis are looking at components of the whole consumer structure; key consumption trends, recent customer behavior patterns, overall spending capacities, etc.

It is good for those in the Permaculture sphere to be there. Whether you are farming on acres, or you have the Hydroponic and Aquaponic capabilities and know-how you will be able to not only weather this 2020 Plandemic, but also catapult yourself and those around you to be able to aptly provide for themselves