With the recent happenings, and maybe even before, money for most people is tight. The constraint of salaries and consumer spending across the board have adversely affected each and every one of us. Beyond trying to make ends meet, and looking to pay the power bill, there is a select number of people who are looking to see how they can be better prepared in the short term and long into the future for economic downturns.

In an effort to save time and money, when it comes to filling our coffers with foodstuffs, we recommend taking these steps in accomplishing that ongoing task.

Grow a “Pot” Garden

No, it isn’t what it sounds like! Instead of growing a crop of cannabis… get pots of various sizes, ceramic, plastic, wooden even metal, and plant your garden. For just $100 you could get the seeds, grab the growing soil, and the nutrients a good garden needs and get started. in short order, you could have a pot full of potatoes, carrots, and parsnips or full pots of berry-bearing plants like peas, tomatoes, or peppers. Cultivate your own seedlings from what you grow and you can perpetually keep the garden ball rolling.

Forgettabout a Lawn

Who says that in Sub-Urbia that you have to expend time, water, and money on a lawn that in most places are a foreign weed to the general habitat. But the time and the effort to supplant the blue kentucky with plants that can have more nutritional or medicinal value. Organize it if it is directly in the soil, or you create some raised beds to assist your older set to take care of the garden, it can be most comforting to know you have that, instead of a lawn that you continually have to mow.

Turning Inside Out

For as many windows that you have in your house, you can get containers that you potentially use for flowers, and houseplants and turn it all into one big garden that has your favorite food plants instead. Using what you have on hand, with seeds and a little sunlight, or if you don’t have the sun power there are grow lights, you can get a pretty good harvest going year-round.

It is all about the will to do it, not necessarily the means to do it with. When you are determined to supply for yourself the methods of which to feed yourself, and you don’t have to bug out or be continually mobile, these three ideas can only be the start.