So, what is usually a doom and gloom type of article, as most predictions and extrapolations into the future are, I want to concentrate on the good things that can result in lieu of the “devastation” and it’s wake. With that in mind, I want to let the reader here know that I have the highest hopes for the future and for the state of the country in which I live (the US of A) and the entire globe for that matter. That I feel as the stresses and weight of what happens on the outside, the reliance upon the tried and true, the High and definitely Mighty, that I along with those who also get into this mindset on the inside can experience joy and happiness regardless what may arise.

This isn’t a bunch of gobblygook, mumbo-jumbo… it is having the assurance that the actions you are taking and will take will do some good for yourself and those around you. It is having the peace of mind that as the world may rise or crumble around you, you can feel confident that you are stepping in the direction that will benefit you and your loved ones. It is having the talents to bear the buffetings of the adversarial nature of our society and remain triumphant. Lastly, it is the knowledge and the developing of the skills that can keep you resilient in the face of the earth when all others are failing around you.

With that being said, let’s get on with it all, I am sure you are waiting on pins and needles to see what I may see in our nearest of futures.


Jobs and Hourly

DOWNSIDE – As an employer or an employee it will get more expensive to carry anything but a straight salary (i.e. benefits, perks etc.). Even to the point of not being able to carry the salary and having to cut or layoff people. Singular tasked jobs and employees will see incredible instability this year as the stresses on the economy seem to be increasing (and they are). As an hourly employee, your position may be even more tenuous. Because these are usually less skilled positions, the cost to cut them won’t be as great. People who survive this next year in their present job will be doubling up on tasks and doing more for fulfillment with less staff, and profits to pay that staff. Hourly individuals, if you stay hourly, and KEEP your job, don’t expect any significant raises in 2023.

UPSIDE – The largest opportunity for upward mobility since four generations ago, is right in front of us! Key to this is to have the right set of skills that will keep you employable for clients and employers. Network and become, as they say, invaluable to the boss, or to the clientele that still have the money to buy what you are providing. Because of the instability of inflation, of the upcoming deepening of the recession we are in (by design by the powers that be) there will be a lot of room for movement in industries and providers for that which is wanted and needed. If you are in a skilled profession, look for the niche that becomes the ‘priceless commodity’ and provide that. If you are an hourly employee there is a no better time to start identifying how you can ethically take advantage of the upheaval and advance your earning power this year.

And there is no need to spend needless hours and money on archaic institutions which cost an arm and a leg that cannot keep up with the present circumstances… With a goal in mind, will power to find the answers and access to the Internet (and ChatGPT) the world is yours to learn and take a piece of… for anyone.

Cost of Goods

DOWNSIDE – More pressures on the Consumer economy will mount. Previous years’ droughts, low yields, and global calamities will plague the supply chain for most all products consumable and non-consumable alike. The broken distribution channels from the pandemic times will continue and for certain items worsen. With the erroneous downward pressure of WEF’s 2030 Project, farming will continue to become more onerous this year. Foods out of season will become less available in 2023 and things that you got used to seeing and getting in a store may no longer be readily available… this goes for any commodity that relies on larger companies to get it to the public. It will continue to increase the cost of those items you have become accustomed to in the past. It will become MUCH worse before it gets better – unless…

UPSIDE – When scarcity seems to be in store, creativity becomes the action that most industrious folk turn to. Creating and developing your very own Producer economy is essential! If you have relied on stores to get your food, or clothes, or products of whatever kind it is now, this next year, when you can find creative ways to bolster the food stuffs, or make things last longer, or to refurbish something that normally would have been discarded for a newer model. It is in these exciting times that innovational leaps are made, as well as the tried and true are rediscovered. Seeds, plants, gardens, botany of all kinds will be sought after this year. Being able to supplement what’s on your dinner table will be a skill, if you plan it right, you can develop abundantly this year.

Quality is what is valued and sought after. You will soon see that your wealth is poorly measured in paper money. That your riches that you accumulate and store for later dates will be of precious medals, commodities and rare skill sets. By gaining them now, before the deepening recession truly hits will be a god-send to you later in the year. Your procurement of value which ever form they may take will be more precious to you and your family, since other factors can collide and scheme to take the wealth you have stored in what is called Fiat Currencies.

You can take actions now that will “hedge your bets” and bring you through the year in relative comfort and ease. Money is given by the government, but it also can be taken away as long as governments have access to them (trust me, if it is a bank or credit union they do). You achieving this goal of self sustaining systems for goods and commodities will be worth the time and effort in 2023.

Outward Oppression

DOWNSIDE – It seems that there is a “full-court press” on the mores and societal ethics more than ever before. That common sense has become unhinged, and that agendas of a more sinister make is being put forth. The sanctity of marriage has been completely eroded by no-fault divorces, acceptance of various indulgent deviences and by the bastardization of the meaning of “Marriage”. Religious mores have been long since ripped from the anchors of the golden rule and the true nature of Love Thy Neighbor and Thy God. Long has been the cry by the Fabian Socialists who seek to tear down this society being, “for the children”. First it was, it takes a village to then the government knows best to the present day it takes a colorful drag queen to instill the right indoctrination to the children. In this next year they will continue to come “for the children”. IF they are able to do with this last vestige of a polite society as we had given us by our Founding Fathers, then there is nothing left to stand for in this civilization as we knew it.

UPSIDE – Okay, the above paragraph is a bit doom and gloom, I admit. However, there are many things we can do individually and as a group of like-minded people that don’t want to make the abhorrent abnormal the socially accepted norm. We have seen it, with the Tea Party Movement, which slowed the onslaught. We have most recently seen the parents speaking up against CRT in schools which cooled some of the jets of socialist educators. Ultimately, it will become a time that we need to take our children’s education into our own hands and teach them instead of the corruptible education system in the grasp of those who care not for our child’s well-being. We will need to individually take on this task or group with others in parochial types of schools that teach how to be a good person rather than how to identify which racial background they are.

We know that by standing up in the mass numbers that those who choose to canker and do otherwise will rethink their actions… at least for a while.

Additionally, if we are a scripture-reading, God-loving and vigilant watcher of the times and seasons, we can rejoice in that we are inching closer to the epoch of all times that has been prophesied. That as this last beacon of hope of America’s light dims, we are that much nearer to what has been promised for millennia. That should bring you the most hope, stay true to the Word as you understand it and be open to seeing the miracles become unveiled.

Although unwanted, hardship brings us closer to our Maker and Messiah. When we are placed upon by heavy burdens from those that seek to oppress, we can receive strength to bear those burdens from He who gives all breath to life on earth.


State of Being – Security

DOWNSIDE – The sense of security that Americans have felt for the last 9 or so decades (which in reality never truly was) that all the world has not have had such a sense of, is waning in this next year. Nowhere, besides the U.S. was their any guarantee of any justice and that those who carried out the law would follow it. And it is within our own borders we no longer have that guarantee. Depending which politics or person of power you support, “justice” is metered out. This surety of harm will continue to grow as leaders and their minions continue to enforce their sense of equity. As borders are not enforced and as neighborhoods continue to falter only to be abandoned by the police and the law-givers. Rather, because of the worsening of the communities, they will seek to take more and more liberties in the name of Security until we are as enslaved as the Chinese people are now.

UPSIDE – With this one there are multiple reasons to be happy about this! What’s so “upside” about personal danger? Well, let me tell you 1) Its easier to tell who’s who – before those that wished you harm had to be more stealthy or cunning, deviantly hiding their true nature they want to follow. Not so much any more, you can get a better picture, more quickly of who you are dealing with and where you are (in danger or not). 2) The natural assumption is not of well-being but of harm and one becomes more aware – because we thought (maybe still hope) that every person has good intentions, and follows the Golden Rule in the past, has changed to people being weary of those they do not know or haven’t had interactions with. This lingering sign of a former just civilization will wane to a point that everyone is and should take precautions in new surroundings, circumstances and people. A trust but verify type of mentality has taken hold.  3) The facade of the invulnerability of our society and court system has been stripped away – We now take extra-precautions to keep ourselves out of harm’s way and out of the court system. Justice cannot prevail while corruption exists in the institutions that administer it. We are more apt to act to assist those we know, but we are less willing to have “authorities” with their hidden agendas in the mix. This healthy outlook allows us to truly be masters of our own fate as long as we seek to do good in all things.

The lesson that war and travail have taught us in recent history, of the Indian Wars and of the Holocaust specifically, that if we simply submit WITHOUT questioning the established political correctness… our generation can bring horrors upon ourselves and generations to come. We do not have to play by their rules and be like dumb driven cattle – more and more people are waking up to this fact!

Policies and Politicians

DOWNSIDE – Because those who think they are in power, seem to feel that they have to push agendas, policies and legislation (either by the rote of law or singular edict) for the betterment of society, do not realize that what they have been upholding for the last 100 or so years as THE example of supposed virtue has a cracked and crumbling foundation set on shifting sand. They tend to make bad ideas of governing the rule and the implementation of these devilish principles even worse (name any large city that their policies have overtaken sound God-given law… Detroit, Chicago, San Fran, New York?). There is clearly another agenda afoot in our American society today that is not for anyone’s good but for those who are setting the policy. And for those elites they will also soon be found wanting and trodden underfoot. These equitable and marxist doctrines cannot hold weight of any kind and are too easily corroded into fascism and totalitarianism. This is the inevitable destination (which we have seen play out over the 20th century in various countries and peoples over and over again) and is where those who seek the oppression of the general public spoken of above; where most of those “elected” to office seem to be piling onto. This will keep rolling and increase more than we think could be possible in 2023.

UPSIDE – The lines of demarcation are more clearly defined between those self-serving community destructive actions of politicians and just and lawful governance. It is also showing the importance of having good men and women representing us in our national, AND most importantly our local offices. Character does matter, intent is measurable and action can be seen if you are looking. And more and more have been jarred awake with the complete ineptitude of our national governing body. Tired of the political chicanery, people are seeking to put people in that can be the difference and stand in the way of the swells of oppression and cancellation from ‘the accepted new normal’. As long as we still can, the fight to keep this nation as it was first constituted is still ongoing this year!

At the same time, those that can see what is truly being perpetrated upon us as a whole are taking the steps necessary to be more self sufficient, and to fortify their local and regional interests. People are moving from cities and states that espouse such Woke nonsense and those who like it move towards that morass of burdensome regulations. We are looking to become less dependent on governmental favors or handouts and taking care of ourselves, loved ones and neighbors who feel in like manner as we do. As we develop our own self reliance, we can minimize the impact that politicians and their policies have on our lives.

As we seek to navigate through the hooey of Washington DC (and sometimes from our own community leaders) we can get into place those systems, skills, resources and like-minded people that can make the difference for good for the greater whole, not just a select few.

Currencies and Taxes

DOWNSIDE – Ever since we became untethered from the Gold Standard in the Nixon Administration, the precarious nature of money systems across the world has been a delicate one. And the US Dollar has began to teeter a bit in recent years. The dollar has remained as the world currency only because it is tied to oil production. But those producers who aren’t partial to the US right now are showing signs that they are more willing to work in Russian Rubles or Chinese Yuan, which if it happens on the regular will topple the dominance of the Dollar. With all the downward pressures upon it… cash will lose it’s value like it did in Zimbabwe in the late 20th century and as it did in the Wiemar Republic of Germany in the beginning of the same century. We should be weary and vigilant of what is happening and NOT happening with our oil production and reserves if we want to preserve our money in the Dollar. This prediction is up in the air, presently, but if it is triggered by world players (which is wholly possible right now), with the economic recession deepening in 2023 it could turn it all into a full blown depression with devastating affects on you and me.

And taxes… what can be said more than the fed funding an additional 87,000 new IRS agents?… a more than 3x a jump in personnel than ever before. As the burden of overspending presses down on the government, they will seek to squeeze more out of the proverbial turnip.

UPSIDE – Yes, there is an upside to even this! Because they have projected their actions in advance we can take steps to preserve our increase and mitigate our exposure to the fallout. That we can structure how we do business and look to retain our nest eggs for the rainy days ahead. Death may be unavoidable, but the amount of taxes you pay can be subject to proper planning. Of course, pay your fair share, no good-hearted soul wants to have a free ride, just properly position yourself to make it as fair as possible. I am not here to give specific financial or tax advice… far from being qualified to do that, but I can tell you to seek the advice of those professionals who are aptly qualified to do so.

As for the case of cash money. Again, no direct advice can be given, but your wealth can be more than just the currency you have in your pocket or what you think you have in the bank. Just be diligent whichever way you and your advisor think is the best courses of action to take for your given situation.



DOWNSIDE – The case of conflicts has been forever with mankind, even from the very beginning of the foundation of this world. When there is an opposition in all things, and there certainly is an opposition source that pushes the vile and decrepit as there is surely a Source for Good and Purity. We have always been surrounded by conflict. Beyond our own inner conflicts and perceived special interests, the conflicts that I am pointing towards seems to be on the increase and magnitude. Symptoms are seen in the increase of road rage incidents, brawls at places like McDonalds, civil litigation between neighbors, frivolous lawsuits and codes and bylaws of communities in America… the general criminality of one upon another. It can be most readily recognized now because the blow-out-of-proportion responses are more frequent, heralded and accepted. This ballooning of conflict in the recent years, is not only in our neck of the woods, it is being used all over the globe to foster armed hostilities and war. It is using the genetic differences of race or culture or religion to enrage a hate, an “us” vs. “them” mentality at an alarming and most effective rate. It is using the bettering of our fellowman into a calling card to subjugate them and persecute those who don’t fit the prescribed box. This, unfortunately, will continue to grow in instances and impacts to all of us in 2023

UPSIDE – Contrary to popular belief that is upheld by learned men – of conflict being the natural state of human nature, it is the opposite of that, in fact. It is the eternal yearning of each and everyone of us for peace and harmony that is the common denominator in all of us. Whether it be of mind, soul or heart the yearning is the same NO MATTER who you are or where you may live. Love, compassion and cooperation is the natural, yet often overlooked way of being, of living in this wonderful world that we have been given. Despite the ramping up of conflict around us we can, you and I, be at peace and have little to no stress about the storm that is blowing just outside our door.

How? May you ask, can one be calm while the tempests are raging all around? It is in the seeking out of the most important questions of life, and the receiving the answers from that Source of Good and Purity. They are: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of me being born? AND where am I going after this life is over? Get the answers from the Source of Light and Love, and peace will be given you; Achieve that knowledge from He Who Is Wise and peace will be upon you; Gain the fullness of the truth from the Word and peace inevitably will follow.

Now in this time during a period of sorrow and tribulation of soul and self, where we can find the inner peace that we can enjoy and share with our loved ones around us… we can find the answers, if you ask wisely the right questions from Holiness on High.

What could be more “upside” than that?

State of the Planet

DOWNSIDE – The opposition of all things can only counterfeit, they cannot create anything original. They needed a belief system more than on an economic level that they had had previously, that they could rally their ‘adherents’ blindly to. A series of assertions that cannot be proven either way, yet so ‘obvious’ that you are a horrible person just in trying to refute their empty hypothesis. And since they eschew anything God-like in nature they drew from the tired old hedonistic view of the Earth and Mother Nature being the object of worship. Without giving you an extensive rendition of an anthropological treatise and reciting years of multi-theistic pagan rituals, needless to say they have settled upon the Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever term is better received by the unsuspecting of the deliberately misleading diatribe of saving our planet from ourselves.

They created this (and before this it was Global Cooling which started in the late 1970’s) out of thin air and by the slimmest of “scientific evidence”because they saw that even the faithless need something to believe in. Why not something as nebulous as the smallest of incremental raising of the earth’s temperature of the thousands of years in place in this solar system? Thus with treating this as indisputable fact they have created a generational cult following, that they can rally towards and rail against the unbelievers about. No matter how many times you say it, doesn’t change the empirical evidence that it just isn’t so.

UPSIDE – Now, it is completely sensible to believe that the earth warms… and cools as it revolves along it’s axis around the nearest star we call the Sun. But to turn whole societies upside down on the silly assertion that we human beings can so affect this globe as to increase or decrease its temperature in any way is absolutely absurd. Knowing this, and not falling for this hoax upon two generations now is so liberating! To be free of the stress and dread that the rock in which we live and cannot escape from will inexplicably end is a gift only those who have the eyes to see can behold. To not be beholden to something as man-made and as faulty is freeing to the Nth degree!

Worldly Order

DOWNSIDE – All these outward pressures, agendas and fundamental changing of America is being done so that we as a nation, not necessarily as a people, become weakened on the world stage. So that we would either be less inclined or less able to intervene with the machinations of those who want ultimate power over the the inhabitants of this world and the various nations upon it. Evidences can be seen in the likes of organizations as the WEF, Bilderburg Group, various Communistic Governments, the Council of Foreign Affairs, and yes even in the United Nations just to name a few (and there are more that could be detailed here). The policies they are pushing us for is in pursuit of a One World Government that tramples underfoot the individual interests for the glory of the general collective. That a “one standard” can usurp all and welcome an enlightened time of any age of mankind. This utopia promised cannot ever be because it lacks the very thing they want eradicated – the free will of the righteous mind and heart.

This has been actively in the works for over 100 years (at the least). The deeper you dig into the real happenings that have occurred in modern times; wars, and death and turmoil (economic and otherwise) is what’s left in their wake. Creeping incrementally to achieving the goals set forth in their documents, charters and ‘secret’ oaths. It has been in the last 16 or so years that thru their actions (whether it be from their impatience or opportunities seized upon) have sped up their timetables for such to be. First openly spoken of from George H.W. Bush at a state of the nation address in the early 1990’s, are now nakedly out in the open for the likes of the Rockefellers, Soros, Vanderbilts and many other families in the shadows who are now poised to clamp down on that shifting sand they have erected their shoddy handiwork upon.

UPSIDE – And I have the most hope in that, because of mankind’s natural inclination to love, peace and harmony, to not be put upon but to self govern with the sound principles that have shown to be true thru years of trails on the American Experiment… actively awake to the innate sense of free will of one’s heart and mind, set on righteous principles and practices can overcome even the darkest of oppressors whether they be man, beast or demon. And assuredly, all three are coming our way! That we as a people, as a nation, and as human beings will shirk off the bonds that seek to entrap us, that are too burdensome to be borne and that we show ourselves worthy for the greater light and knowledge promised us from the Father so long ago.

Overall TakeAway

More crap will continue to be heaped upon us in 2023, more than in years past even. However, having studied human history as extensively as I have, and the deep dive into the psychology that makes us “Us” over the course of so many years I have the utmost of hope on the knowledge that not all of us will be fooled by the forces that are being played upon our communities in our day. That we will have cause to say, that beyond what was said about the generations nearly a century ago, that we, our children and our children’s children were a part of the Greater Generations that overcame the opposition and oppression that is now ominously and deftly upon us. We will be able to navigate thru the thorns and the thistles lain in our path in search for the better tomorrow.