In this world of ours, with all its technological advancements, it is still imperative for us to know, and attain food self-sufficiency. However, it seems the more we try to do that, the harder it becomes to accomplish that.

With the events of the last 5 months, with the initial precautions for the Chinese released virus done by governments, and the ongoing fear that lingers since, there have been many who don’t know if they will have a roof over their heads let alone food on their table. But as long as we don’t get kicked out of our home or apartment we can do some of the simplest of actions that can ensure we eat tomorrow.

We at ThatAquaponicsGuy understand and empathize with this situation. And there are a few things you can do to achieve food self-sufficiency.

Temporary Living Space: When things are uncertain, and planting a garden or building a stationary aquaponics system is out of the question here’s a few suggestions

  • When you can buy food, buy in bulk those things that can last without refrigeration i.e. can goods, dry goods (like Ramen or boxed Mac n Cheese)
  • Learn simple, and filling dishes to fix – We have Grandma’s Spaghetti which consists of ground meat of your choice, choice of noodles, ketchup and sugar. Mix the meat and noodles with the ketchup and sweeten the meal with the sugar to your taste.
  • Water is your friend and use it as much as you can.

You aren’t going to be eating like kings, but you will be eating often to sustain yourself and those with you.

When things may be a bit more permanent for you, consider building an Aquaponic Desktop System. What you need can be assembled from parts of parts – 2 containers (one for the Fish and the other for the Plants) Piping and washers that takes up the water to the plants grow bed, a small little pump to push the water from the fish container; a growth medium smaller washed rock pebbles work; then the seeds (and ways to grow the seeds till they can be planted) and the fish themselves.

You have to worry about four main things – 1) keeping the fish alive with the right amount of aeration 2) the pH balance not too acidic, not too alkaline 3) making sure the seedling is ready to be planted in the grow bed, and 4) build a bell siphon that will assist the growth of the plants and not kill their roots by staying in the water all the time.

Now, obviously, there are a few more things to consider (which types of plants to grow that could yield what is needed to feed me and my crew) and the growing times each plant needs to fully mature for example) but as you look to become more self-reliant you will be able to see the avenues that need to be taken.

Please consider getting our Desktop Aquaponic System where we take the initial steps for you and get you a kit that you can put together by yourself and start cycling the fish, water through the medium of your choice. We are here to be able to be a sounding board as you move the right direction for you and your family.

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