We all maybe a little too young to remember the stories. Of our grandparents or great-grandparents and what they did when times were tough for everyone during the 1930’s Depression. I, myself, only remember a few on how they would fix something instead of throwing it away once it broke. That the ironing board, or the toy, or the clothes washer broke you learned how to fix it before you’d even consider trying to replace it.

And even with that, there are other stories of how they simply would go without if the fix didn’t take, or you had fixed it so much that it was no longer fixable.

In our times, when things that used to last for several years now only last two if you are lucky (a vacuum anyone?), that in this throwaway society for the brand-spankin’ new version each time it comes out, it is hard to keep those “needables” in good working order year in, year out. This certainly isn’t helped by those making the products we use as cheaply as possible so that their shelf-life of use is shortened, facilitating a need to buy sooner than later.

We all need to take a serious look into what we see that is needed for our living space, and search out the quality of those things identified as “needable”.  Try as we can now to ensure as much as possible that household item is as sturdily made as desired. That we in this time of plenty may able to sail through those times of want a little bit more easily. Before you have to just go without, even if that was a choice to be made.

Make your list now, search out the best manufacturers of each and then treat each identified Needable as well as it needs to last for your use of it. Take the time now, while you can, get that pen and paper out and get started now.