Herbal Alchemy

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Active Principle:  A plant chemical proven to have a medical effect. Antiseptic:  A substance that prevents or stops the growth of microorganisms that cause infection. Astringent:  A substance the draws together the soft tissues such as skin or mucous membranes. Decoction:  A drink or liquid extract made by boiling plant bark, roots, berries, or seeds [...]

Processes Oriented Terms

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Connecting Piping in Your System - You can use a silicon based glue, but keep in mind you will need to get the Aquarium Safe version as well have patience to let it cure. The better way to do this is to drill your hole slightly smaller than your fitting, heat the rim of that hole up [...]

Hardware Oriented Terms

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Blue drum – 200L plastic drum used in many areas of aquaponics. Can be cut in half vertically or horizontally to give two 100L grow beds. Care needs to be taken when obtaining these drums that toxic chemicals have not been stored in them. Depending on the previous use of the drum, they may be successfully [...]

Systems Oriented Terms

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Media-Based Aquaponics - Where the filtration (both bio and solids) takes place in the media (inert plant growing material such as a gravel or other aggregate) within the grow bed. The water delivery can be constant-flow, timed or flood and drain. The functions of a media bed are: 1-a media bed supports the plants 2-a media [...]

Fish Oriented Terms

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Barramundi - A fish for warm climates, can be also used as the summer choice in locations that don’t have high temperatures year long. If barramundi will be your fish for the summer in your area then you should buy mature stock for your system so you will be able to harvest your fish by the [...]

Chemical Oriented Terms

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GH - General hardness (a measure of the concentration of divalent metal ions such as calcium Ca2+, and magnesium Mg2+) KH - Carbonate hardness (a measure of the alkalinity) pH - "power/potential of hydrogen" (A measure of the concentration of Hydrogen atoms, H+) Alkalinity - The capacity of water for neutralizing an acid Acid - The negative [...]

Plant Oriented Terms

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Abscission: The dropping of leaves, flowers, or fruit by a plant. This can result from natural growth processes (e.g., fruit ripening) or from external factors such as temperature or chemicals. Abscission Layer: Specialized cells, usually at the base of a leaf stalk or fruit stem, that trigger both the separation of the leaf or fruit and [...]