Aquaponics System with Fish – Questions Answered

The Aquaponics System with fish is the component which takes you from a Hydroponic (where you only add nutrients to water for the plants) situation and makes it a true closed ecosystem. The fish, large or small provide the fuel for plant growth and are the engine in which your Aquaponics System can move forward and be productive.

When you look to begin the Aquaponics System with fish it is like deciding which caliber of engine you want or need in our car. If your plans do not include adding the swimming critters to your dinner table, then an hardy and non-territorial fish will do. The Goldfish species is often a favorite in this circumstance because of the output they give in ammonia, and the very low cost of replacement if they were to go belly up for some reason. Compare that to the populated your Aquaponics System with fish that you plan to eat at some point. Tilapia, Bass, Trout and others are good eating, when used in the larger systems, but a bit more expensive to replace if things were to go awry.

Aquaponics Systems with Fish – the deeper dive

The size of our system, will primarily determine what you use in the Aquaponics System with fish. For the smaller indoor units, you will be limited to the type of fish that tend to not grow too big and can last for an extended period of time as your work “horses.” Goldfish are the most available and prevalent in the use of fueling these small systems. Betas and other territorial fish are not ideal for use because of their predatory natures.

If our system is of the larger variety then your choices of fish can go up dramatically. the aforementioned Tilapia, Bass and Trout can be joined with Pike, Blue Gill and other non-territorial fish. It is not advisable, even for the coolness factor, to populate your larger system with the likes of Barracuda, Piranha or smaller Shark species. You want to assist life along, and not put it in danger each time you feed them.

We have more information about the fish options that you can have. So you can determine which species you’ll use in your Aquaponics System with fish in mind. Learn More Here