Aquaponics System Urban Farming – Questions Answered

The Aquaponics System Urban Farming has been a project and a drive for many inner city community advocates.  Growing the right foods in the asphalt jungle with any consistency has perplexed the best of us. Doing it with Aquaponics in any capacity (indoors or out) is the right direction and can be done aptly for City Dwellers’ self-sustenance.

With the many methods available to us, the best one is an Aquaponics System for Urban Farming. As you look to optimize your limited space in your apartment in the city, building a food growing system independent from the local supply and distribution channels can provide you control to what is on your dinner menu. You can effectively and abundantly practice and gather your Food Storage preparation, even if you are on the 6th floor of your building. When you seek to employ as many food production activities in small spaces when in the urban jungle, the wisest course of action to take is utilizing the Aquaponics System in Urban Farming.

Aquaponics Systems Urban Farming – the deeper dive

Most think because you do not have direct access to a wide open space for gardening in the belly of a city, that you cannot do much when it comes to growing your own food. There is nothing more further than that to the truth. There are several ways you can hedge your bets when you are living among the rat race in the confines of asphalt and skyscrapers. The following are only a few of the things you could do on an individual level.

On the Countertop –
We all know what limited space feels like, and when countertop space is prime “real estate” for your microwave, juicer and coffee maker you would need to conserve that space for the essential. One way to do that is with a Countertop Aquaponics Kit. For sure you won’t get a massive watermelon patch out of it, but you would be able to grow tomatoes, a line of cucumbers or your favorite herbs and spices that you can pick fresh, or dry out for later use. It is a great way to be able to bring home that Garden Feel once again with an Aquaponics System Urban Farming unit.

In the window
Depending on your apartment building, there is many a way to grow plants along your windowsills. You can decide to use aquaponics, or go with the traditional methods of flower planters and go old school with your choice of peppers, peas, or strawberries. You can even go with hydroponics and grow the greens you can pluck on a daily basis. Utilizing the space you do have is key here and with your windows and the sunshine you get are great place to begin your Food Storage Efforts.

On the Fire Escape or Balcony
Now your building super may say otherwise, and in respect to fire escapes, what laws that are being enforced, you can set up a small outdoor garden on the balcony or fire escape that you have direct access into. Whether it is a more trafficked area or not, this could be a way to be able to grow small bushes of blackberries, or blueberries in season.

And sometimes there is availabilities when it comes to the rooftops or back gardens of where you are living. It would be more out of your control with others having access to what you are trying to grow, however, if you are looking to expand your production and others in your building are respectful of your efforts, then that is also a way you can start moving forward on our food growing systems.

In the Spare Space in the Apartment
When you are living in a city setting, it is a huge benefit if you can be and find creative ways within the space available to you to reclaim your food independence. Does your place have high ceilings? An extra shelf or two? Is there a place where the sun hits, but no furniture or electronics fit into? Can you find the ingenious ways to bring nature indoors for your advantage and health? Put enough brain power to it and I’m sure you can!

We have the ideas for you to capitalize on when it comes to growing most anything on this planet. We get those to you in our Article Section of our website found at Your Aquaponics System Urban Farming efforts can happen, and happen well with a bit of pre planning beforehand.