Aquaponics System Fish Tank – Questions Answered

The Aquaponics System Fish Tank is the jumping off point for the rest of the system you want to manage. The size and shape of the tank, will determine the rest of how you build the system. It doesn’t matter what type of material that you use, as long as it is food grade and non toxic to the fish.

As you plan out your build, the Aquaponics System Fish Tank will shape the rest of what you do as you build it. Once you decide on the size, and the shape of it rectangular, round, square, hexagon, etc. it is then you can plan and put the rest of the components that make up your food growing system. The type of material the Fish Tank is made of is not too important for the overall function of the system, just as long as the material does not leach itself into the water, or in some way or fashion toxic to the fish within. Some like using aquariums, others take a more fundamental approach with what they have on hand. When it comes to the Aquaponics System Fish Tank, you can accommodate just about anything that can keep your fish stress free and the water in.

Aquaponics Systems Fish Tank – the deeper dive

When it comes to Aquaponics System Fish Tanks, the world can be your oyster. Meaning, you can use just about anything that can hold water and keep your fish less stressed to be the proverbial keystone of the closed ecosystem. The following is a rendition of the most-often used materials for the the tanks.

  • Glass – This is probably the one thing that popped into your mind when you saw “Fish Tank”. The aquariums that you can get in the likes of Petco can help with our building efforts, although may not be the best long term option for what you are using it for. I say this, solely, because glass can be fragile and without notice spring leaks, or break from incidental bumping. It is best to get something that can take a knock or two, especially if your system is located outdoors.
  • Plastics – This is what most Aquaponi-maniacs use for their systems. Versatile in how you can use them, and you can slice and dice them as you see fit to make it work in your system. Just make sure that the plastic container has been made with Food Grade materials AND has not had any other liquid or matter that could be toxic (to you and the fish) from before. Water storage tanks, barrels, plant pots and flower planters are good sources for the tank.
  • Metals – Not as pliable as plastic can be, unless you are a metal worker, but if you have that resource, it sure is a durable type of material to use. Aluminum, chromed steel and polished tin are most suitable for an Aquaponics System Fish Tank. Others like Copper, Lead, and Titanium can leach out into the water, leaving a taste of the metal and with long term exposure would not be conducive for the fish.
  • Woods – And I am not taking about the forest! Certain types of hard woods, Cedar, Oak, Redwood could be utilized for an Aquaponics System Fish Tank. They would have to be specially treated and sealed to do so (most likely with an epoxy mix) but could do in a pinch. Other types of woods, pine, cottonwood, maple could work, but additional steps would need to be taken, such as lining the inner surface with plastic and securing it down for the long haul. Wood, if under most exposures outside can wear, warp and split. Thus, by those mere facts, wood may be one material to avoid for the tanks.
  • Others – Fiberglass, ceramics, kiln treated clay etc. all have their pluses and minuses, and can be used in the circumstance of the lack of the other types of materials. Suffice it to say that if you can use the previous 4 kinds of materials in the bulletpoints above you can avoid any other mishap that can happen with the likes of fiberglass and ceramics.

The essential building block of your Aquaponics System is the Fish Tank. and we at ThatAquaponicsGuy have your back! Whether it is with our pre-made, or measured Aquaponics Kits, or a stand alone item in our Online Shop, the Aquaponics System Fish Tank you get with us can work for you.