Aquaponics System Kit – Questions Answered

An Aquaponics System Kit is the assembling of food growing components to complete a working closed ecosystem from growing plants. The main items in a Kit are the fish tank, grow bed, and a bell siphon draining system among other items. The size of your Aquaponics System Kit is dependent upon the space you have for it and the overall goals having one will achieve for you.

An Aquaponics System Kit should be one that utilizes the nitrogen cycle instigated through the exhalation of ammonia from the fish gills. This natural cycle that happens in the great ecosystems of lakes, rivers and streams can be encapsulated into a closed circuit ecosystem in your spare room or in your backyard. If fish or Aquaculture is not involved it cannot be Aquaponic. The Aquaponics Ecosystem production starts with the fish tank and the grow bed(s) in which the ammonia heavy water is pumped to start the Nitrite to Nitrate process. In between those two are the water pumps, the pipes or hoses (with the additional biofilters or clarifiers) and the spigot that delivers the water into the grow bed. Additionally, beyond the bell siphon system, you will need the ancillary equipment such as the pH level and water temp monitors along with the grow lights if your system is set indoors. An Aquaponics System Kit should have all you would need to start cycling the water through the system and attach the nitrogen particles on the grow medium of your choice.

Aquaponics System Kit – the deeper dive

What one would need for an Aquaponics System Kit is pretty straight forward. And any group or establishment selling them would have the components for one readily available for you not only to purchase, but also have the instruction that shows you how it works once fully in place. We at ThatAquaponicsGuy have the various sizes that you can look for when you decide to get your own Food Growing System together.

Our Countertop Kit

The TAG Countertop Aquaponics System Kit is designed to place it in those places that don’t have a lot of space to spare.  In your apartment, or loft, or even our small home’s kitchen countertop. Measured approx. 14 inches long by 9 inches wide, this double decker system can accommodate your choice of spices, or herbs that you wish to grow for the Foodie that you are or for the additions to your chamomile tea when you dry and powderize them. Along with the grow bed and the fish tank (that can hold up to 4-5 goldfish) this Kit also includes the appropriate size water pump, hoses and tubes. You will need to provide the grow media of your choice, the transplanted seedlings and the fish themselves. To See How You Can Get Your Countertop Aquaponics System Kit CLICK HERE

If you plan your grow and harvest for the herbs you wish to have in your tight spaces, you can get an ongoing bountiful harvest of what you use regularly.

Our Desktop Kit

The Desktop Aquaponics System Kit is drawn up to hold more than the kit above. Measured approx. 24 inches long by 18 inches wide this size would be able to handle more than the herbs or spices that tickle your fancy. You would be able to grow the likes of tomatoes, melons and yes, even your favorite summer squash. The items that come with this Kit are the same as the Countertop, just in the larger sizes needed to accommodate the overall size of the unit. This would be great for those who are renting and don’t have a lot of “Dirt Space” available to them. To See the Desktop Aquaponics System Kit, and get yours CLICK HERE

Our Scratch Do It Yourself Kit

The Scratch Aquaponics System Kit is highlighted on our home page. This is set to also be an indoor placed unit, it comes with all that you would need to set up a system by yourself. The Frame all of PVC, cut to the sizes you are needing, the grow beds, fish tank and the already-assembled bell siphon units for each grow bed. Along with those it comes with the immersible water pump, hoses, valves, joints and tie downs needed. You will need to provide the grow media, the seedlings and the fish (which could accommodate up to 20 goldfish at a time). For more info and to order yours today CLICK HERE

Our Greenhouse Kit

We are excited to bring to you the ultimate in Aquaponics! This is an Aquaponics System Kit that will knock our socks off. It includes not only the Aquaponics System itself, but also all you would need to house it in your backyard. The Greenhouse measures in 12 feet by 8 feet and is approx. 9 feet in height. This peak roof greenhouse includes all you would need for set up and build. It also comes with a state of the art solar panel/solar generator unit that will assist you in keeping as off-grid as possible. It comes with three food grade barrels, two of which will be cut in half length-wise to provide you the grow beds necessary for the system. The third serves as the fish tank. All the PVC pipes necessary for the outflow and influx of the water to and fro from the grow beds.

This also includes the appropriate size of water pump, biofilter set and of course the pre-built bell siphon draining units. All you would need to do is provide the elbow grease to putting it altogether and the usual grow media, and fish. Find Out about the Availability of our Greenhouse Aquaponics Kit by CLICKING HERE.