In recent months I have found myself shrugging in disgust as I browse the web and read the latest headlines. I mumble the words I used to say in the old days, “par for the course”. I say that as I find myself becoming complacent while reading the latest news of government excess, corporate shenanigans, sneaky banksters, and Wall Street crooks. Add to that the economic, and societal calamities that are starting to avalanche “downhill” it seems like we are in a bit of a fix.

More often than not I feel as though I am sitting on a deck chair of the Titanic, unable to move out of harm’s way, slowly watching the ship go down. Yeah, a bit melodramatic but it works for the mental imagery.

The mainstream media, no longer under the guise of getting to the truth, are full-fledged propaganda arms of those who are making this mess for the rest of us. There are a few who are haven’t drunk the kool-aid just yet and are seeking to put light on things. This is not just the alternative press that I am reading, mind you. There are some still in the mainstream media that are slowly coming around too, as courageous reporters and their editors issue a rallying call to anyone who will listen. The message is loud and clear: things are bad, our elected leaders are out of control, and any day now our society is going to go to heck in a handbasket.

I exaggerate a bit but not by much. It can call into question, where do I turn for the real truth of the matter of things? My perception is that much of what I read is the same news I was reading in 2008. The only difference is that it has been repackaged, rehashed, and refreshed. The cast of characters may have changed a bit but the same tactics of oppression and submission have not. If anything, things are worse.


Lest you think this is another rambling on the state of society, let me get to the point. It is human nature to gloss over the familiar in our search for something new. And if something new is not forthcoming, after a while we drop what we are doing and move on. And that, in my opinion, is what I see happening not only to myself but to many of my peers.

Stated more simply, we are becoming desensitized in our quest for the truth.

So what do we do? To ignore the plethora of information is not acceptable. To remove ourselves from the search for truth, the end of tyranny, and the end of predatory economic policies would mean defeat.

Over and over I ponder this because as much as I write about preparedness, being prepared for a natural disaster is not enough.  We must also prepare for an economic collapse, civil unrest, and the possible breakdown of society. Communications to me in the emails and comments on my website here lead me to believe that others are also feeling this encroaching sense of dread of the hard times ahead, the same as I do.

I am not a wacko or extremist and neither is anyone that I am currently aware of in my circle of influence. We are ordinary folks of all ages who are worried about losing our full independence to war against domestic and international tyranny.  Rather than let the bad guys win – and we all sense who the bad guys are – we are actively seeking to take back control by storing up food for when the store shelves are empty, learning skills that will allow us to live a decent if not comfortable life when the lights go out and establishing relationships with like-minded friends, relatives, and neighbors that will help us form sustainable communities when the current state of affairs rears its ugly head.

In my own quest to stay focused, I have looked long and hard at my own practices and have come up with a few solutions that in the short term, have revitalized and re-energized my own pursuit of answers to this new reality called the 21st century. Perhaps they will be helpful to you, too.


Seek and Subscribe to 3 reliable sources for the state of the current governments, economies, and lawful interactions to screen for relevant topics

Find a maximum of three news hubs and follow them religiously. Be discerning as you read. Is this credible? Who wrote it? Was the goal to generate fear or truly inform? Try to get one that has an opposing view from yours so that you can get both sides of the story because reality is often found somewhere in the middle.

Check them only ONCE a day. Any more and you can fixate on all the fluff that is out there too. Be informed, and then go about your day doing what you need to be doing to further yourself and help those you love.

Update or Learn Anew the Skills You Think Best to Do

One of the best ways that I have found to keep your Truth monitor keen and in tune is to work on the real things of life. The practical aspects of life, rather than wander in the abstract or relative arena that can be increasingly convoluted. Take this advice from someone who majored in Philosophy in his college years… build your knowledge base on things that are concretely set upon the more sure foundations.

Whether the skills and the knowledge you decide to work on be related to your line of work you have chosen presently to earn a living, or bringing to your mind and world the aspects of robust living (Life Hack Skills, Wild Edibles Identification Abilities and Natural Herbal Alchemy for mind body balance) or whichever you deem necessary to learn is the path to take. Set time apart to also deepen and develop your Genius and ways you can share it with the world around you.

Find a time during your day to Pray Ponder and Meditate

Everything in modern day situations are designed to have all sorts of “white noise”. To distract, to dissuade, to placate, and to lull and take away from that which can deliver peace to your heart and soul.

There is real value in setting time out of your day, to wonder, ponder and pray of the world around you. Tap into that stillness, tune into that harmony that is all around you that testifies of the heavenly realities. Set time to listen to the still small voice.

I promise you, that if you do this, it will be able to quell the anxieties, and stresses, and alleviate the pressures you are currently feeling and being pressed upon you. Take those moments to meditate from a wider view of what is in front of you and you will be able to find the truth and the solutions to all that you face.

Take Stock at the End of Your Day

Face it. no matter how hard you try, it is easy to get busy living that you are not able to have a life.  Take stock on a regular basis on what you have done that day, write it down and look at it all. Where have you furthered your goals and what you still need to accomplish? What tasks can be taken care of, and what is next to take on? Who, in your life, have you been able to assist in their goals and aspirations?

You decide what are the important and non-essential items to that Genius within you, and to the Life Balance Equation. By so doing, you can rest your mind and allow it to work on the processing and incorpoation of what you learned that day on a subconscious level. It also allows you to keep the daily pressures away from your sleeping where your body and mind can rejuvenate and refresh. Limiting the time you spend on daily tasks (work or life related) will bring you back in to real-world reality and give you some precious time to step outdoors to work in the garden, walk the dog or simply enjoy a sunset.

Overall TakeAway

Is there a cure for life-stress burnout?  I believe there is. When you can take periodic pauses from the battles, the pressures of the “war” can lessen and the search for truth around you can be replenished frequently.

How about you? Do you have some other ideas that help you stay focused and interested in the quest for truth? Please share them in the comments section so that we all can learn from you.