I am of the opinion, and this has been on more than one occasion verified to me personally, that each one of us living in these modern days, in the speeding up and accumulation of all the world’s history and knowledge that each one of us has been keenly made aware of the Full Universal Truth that is Providence and makes Him Who He is. That we were able to learn and study that Truth so intimately, as to make an eternal impression upon our souls. That we are sent here on this earth to this time and place, to be reminded of what we saw, heard, and did in those times before the foundation of the world.

That this Truth, once mentioned, rediscovered, or revealed to us perks our ears and quickens our spirits to that which we feel to be most familiar. That sense of familiarity and comfort from that Truth, which can ring with a modicum of “deja vu” to our minds and to our hearts.

Within these times, and upon the holy writings of mankind in times past and present, that we can find our Core Values that this Truth embraces fully. And it is determined upon our seeking out the Full Universal Truth that can be had in this life, that makes us Resilient and Steadfast. The following is what I have experienced that solidifies my Core Values.

Genuine Search for the Truth

We cannot be complacent in this present existence. To do so is to refuse to live the way life was intended. If you are like dumb, driven cattle you will always be in that pasture awaiting the slaughter… to be acted upon. Nay, we must be up and doing. Seeing beyond what is around us, and listening beyond our capacity to hear. For we are here on purpose, for a purpose. And it is for us to discover exactly what that purpose is. We must search for the True State of Being so that we can fulfill the matter of our creation individually. That our discovery is essentially recovery of the Truth once given and that all intelligence that is to be found is independent, having no shadow of relativity attached to any of it,

For some that complacency is all they want and desire – which is a pity as they atrophy and decay as they still continue to draw breath and take up space. For those who choose and remain in that state, is assuredly death incarnate.

That notwithstanding, to find and maintain your Core Values you must be a Seeker of Truth. We can find morsels of truth in just about anything, the trick is to find those repositories that have the Greater Truth and Knowledge, and spend the time and effort in acquiring it to ourselves. We need to find out how Truth looks like, and what types and forms it may take.

Most of the time, when we do find Truth it will be confirmed to us through the spirit. We will feel it more than anything else whether it be delivered by word, or text, or sight we can gain a confirmation of the truthfulness of what is before us.

William James, a philosopher from the 20th Century once argued that because of this phenomenon that we have something more in-depth in our minds and connection to the ethereal, or the harmony of life or the vibrations of living – that there may be a reservoir of spiritual insight which is not just available to exceptional persons but to an ordinary man who can regularly gain access to and be reminded of it. We need to tap into that continually in our life-quest.

Universal Truth is observable when you know what to look for and confirmation of it can be had through all the senses PLUS our spiritual sense as well.

How to Find and Recognize the Truth

Recognition is truly the recognization of what was open to us, that can be tapped into and flow freely to you. The human mind, rational and logical as it is in its natural state can be illuminated to enable us to follow certain clear inferences from proper and authentic premises. This Truth underlies all the natural senses, of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching, and communicates more deeply to our spirits within us and enlivens all the other senses. There is no strain or stretch for the Truth, though there may be some work and sweat given in finding and receiving of it.

We need to be unencumbered by preconceived notions from another creed or dogma that may hinder our search. We can gain this knowledge sometimes by mere observation. A priori knowledge that we can gather, the knowledge that comes from the power of reasoning based on self-evident truths. That can be correlated and reconfirmed over and over again. Simply put it must enlighten your mind and soul to higher varying degrees.

A testimony of the Truth “A Priori” and “Posteriori” isn’t an experience of “ohh ho ho” or “ho-hum” type of an experience when you come upon Truth, but an “aha” kind of experience. Whenever this has happened for me there is an accompanying lift, an exhilaration of my soul, and even with those things that I have heard over and over again have a new zest, and tingle of a deeper understanding. It feels most like angelic voices are whispering to us spirit to spirit the verity of what we have come upon.

This Truth does not have to be, as some feel, masked in paradox, upon paradox, and the more convoluted it becomes the more closer you are to that Truth. No Most times, the Truth is simple and apparent, and direct.

An ancient prophet once illuminated a juxtaposition that once we have found something we feel is Truth that we can gain a confirmation of that fact or falsity by asking in all sincerity from Him from which all Truth flows. We can certainly know for ourselves the verity of things!

Learning and Incorporating the Truth

Truth changes you, not just your mind, but your thought processes, your words, and your actions. The more important the portion of Truth recovered the more dramatic the change in your thoughts and behavior. We need to build upon that knowledge received, and ensure that additional foundation of Truth we found. Remember, practice makes permanent!

We need to continually remind ourselves, or recollect what we have gathered. Recollection is the re-collection or collecting once again to our minds and souls that which we were exposed to before. Do this enough, for long enough and you will have it set permanently into your sense of Being.

Then live it, act according to what that Truth enlightened you to do, and say and move towards. Line upon line, precept upon precept until you are complete.

Teaching in the Fullness of the Truth

A whole article can be done on just this, but in the interest of keeping this short, suffice it to say; You be the example and live according to it, speak about that Truth as often as occasion arises, and put yourself in the places that you can do both of those things as often as possible.

It has been my experience, that once you have gathered unto yourself and prepared yourself to be able to teach what you have knowledge about, that Wisdom comes along and allows you opportunities to enlighten others upon what you have found and move you to action.

Core Values to Find the Truth About

Core values are those things that make you what you are, whether it be a person, an institution, a society, or a country. With them, because they are based on Truth and withstand the bellows of opinions and fads; hold up against the crashing waves of oppositional waves and tempests; stand up on their own as a testament to their validity through the eons of time, you can remain strong. Without them, you soon find decadence, deviance, and ruination of said person, institution, society, or country.

The main values are the following: a priori knowledge is a knowledge that comes from the power of reasoning based on self-evident truths. We all have known these deep down, and often must be reminded of them.

Honesty – You’ll soon find that any endeavor you undertake that isn’t set firmly on Truth tends to eventually crumble away into nothing. That is why you need to be completely honest in all your doings. You cannot do or say false things and feel or be right. We certainly do get back our mete as we measure and it is always best to have at your ready the cornerstones of honesty that cannot be shaken or blown away. Honest and upright with others and especially with yourself!

Ethics – This goes hand in hand with Honesty, and is the by-product of living with an honest heart anchored to the Truth. This is in direct contact in interacting with others and having the ability to empathize or sympathize with others’ circumstances. Ethics is also a product of striving to live according to the morality you derive and receive from the Truth. Do unto others, as you would have it done to you is not only wise but also very practical when it comes to your immediate community.

Morality – This is a direct result when you tap into that Universal Truth spoken of previously and resolve to live according to it. Truth is moral and pure morality is Truth and you are able to sense it more than you can touch or grasp ahold of it. For me, it is a vibration or a harmony that resides when you are living honestly and according to the Truth. And you can definitely feel it when you are not square with any of it. It is easier than you think to lose that moral harmony and you need to be ever vigilant to remain in the light of it and not in the shadows that dretch around the peripherals.

Spirituality – We are not physical beings having spiritual experiences, rather we are spiritual beings having physical and human experiences. And with that perspective, we receive a clearer scope of what this life is set to be about. And as our physical bodies need exercise or it atrophies, so do our spiritual bodies need tending and exercise. Truth is everflowing, it is all around us, and it quickens the minds, and enlivens the spirit. And once we are able to correctly identify and recognize what is the Truth and use it as a resource, we soon find out that the Source of it is seeking that Spiritual connection. That Source of Universal Truth, from which all things spring and are the foundation thereof communicates best Spirit to Spirit. Thus, if we are in shape spiritually, we can better know and live by that Source from which we have sprung as well.

Physicality – We must be up and doing, with a heart for any fate, ever achieving, and pursuing to gain and maintain our stance within the Light of Truth. It is not a case that we can sit idly by, the Truth doesn’t abide idleness too well because if we are not using it, we will definitely lose it, or rather lose sight of it. And that goes for more than the physical parts of life. Put yourself in the place where you can have greater access to that fountain of life that springs eternal. Put yourself in the places where you can be accessing more truth to that foundation you have been building. Stand in those places where those who need supplication, encouragement, or an example can see. Be in the very act of service one to another and you can be not only physically fit, but also a blessing to others around you in your community.  Truth is always in motion, and so should you be as well.

Ingenuity – That is the Spark that we are given. The Genius that we have innately and subconsciously brought with us to this mortal coil and probation. This is what can change not only your world if you were to fully embrace and realize your gifts, but also be a blessing to those with who you come in contact in your lifetime. It is for us to search it out and develop that talent. Connecting to the pure source of Truth assists us in doing just that. Find out who you truly are, and let that light given you from the very beginning show forth.

Overall TakeAway

The pure Source of Truth can and is found. Despite what the world tries to obfuscate from your sight, distract you from and lull you into a state of complacency. Imagine, if you can live, act, serve, influence, teach, learn in that Universal Truth, how much better off all of us could be? If we were guided by the Truth, instead of governed by control… If we could truly harness what this existence is all supposed to be, we would be in the most literal sense, heavenly.

Seek ye diligently the Truth, and once you found it, and you will if you are seeking sincerely, with an honest heart, then keep gathering knowledge and wisdom that squares with that Source who confirmed to you that Truth. Not a select few, but all of us have access to this, and it is being willing to and taking the action that is the difference of Joy from Misery. From Peace to Chaos. Of Love from Loathing.


*As a reminder, here is our Self Reliance List 1) Competence 2) Confidence 3) Connection 4) Character 5) Contribution 6) Coping 7) Control 8) Core Values