We all feel it dripping down on us.

Something is amiss here in the grand ol’ U. S. of A. The latest polls and ratings are showing that consumers’ confidence in our economy is on a giant downward slope and the unease with economic turmoil is sky-high. You know you aren’t getting the full truth of what’s the real status of things with our economy, or our money systems, or our government. News stations have at the very least left important details out of the stories they choose to tell us to the very most have become unabashed propaganda arms for the establishment elite. Fear and division rage from the airwaves.

We can feel it creeping in on us. 

The cost of everything across the board, of food, of goods, and of gas. We see it in the wages. What just 15 years ago was a livable wage is not even keeping pace with the burgeoning cost of daily living with utilities and rent/mortgage today. Prices for just living somewhere are taking over 67% of people’s paychecks right now. Then, the government is overspending into oblivion, with the powers that be want to add more taxes, and fees, and regulations and requirements and all the costs to just “be” (add the proposal of requiring banks to report the incoming and outgoing of YOUR BANK ACCOUNT to the IRS) and it isn’t only smelling a bit fishy… It is now a full-blown hazardous human waste event.

We can feel it seeping through to us.

That the America that we were born into even from a couple of decades ago is being FUNDAMENTALLY changed by forces that are not American, and fully not in our best interests. We’ve been told this through the fallacy of Global Warming, or Climate Change, or whatever they have focus-grouped to call it this week. And in its unholy name, we have unelected bureaucrats and globalists forcing us to the lowest common denominator with their 2030 Plan and their rushed Great Reset to Build Back Better. They have put it into high gear now, they have learned the lesson of the will of the people when Trump slipped by them. The globalists will be damned if that ever happens again. They’ve turned up the heat on us frogs in the cooking pot. All along, weakening our homefront and sacrificing the future for their defined “greater good”.

Here are the Five Points that made America Great, a world power, and a force in the world over its first 2 centuries. These are why the whole world envied what we have here, and are willing to risk life and limb to cross our borders to get a morsel of. Of which, if we don’t stand and protect it will mean the end of the American Dream.

Abundant Energy 

We had cheap and stable energy systems. Over 60 years ago the coal plants and the energy grids were a driving force of the American economy. Being able to bring coal out of the ground was the most cost-effective way to create the energy for the growing electrical needs; allowing us to grow our communities and our dependence upon them. And that dependence has grown more and more every year of each decade with the wonderful innovations present in our electronics.  This has happened to the point that our existing electrical grids are nearly at full capacity.

Natural Gas and other Fossil Fuels have always been up and down industries and until last year was on the upswing, with us being fully independent on any other suppliers of those outside of the lower 48. We had access and were producing as much as we needed to have.

The Weakening – We’ve seen the stories that coal mines have had a hard time staying in business because of the burdensome regulations placed upon them by the federal government. Even as we were becoming oil independent under the last presidential administration there was a bureaucratic war being waged on what keeps our lights on and provides the cheapest way to charge our phones, Coal. There hasn’t been a new coal plant for electricity built in the United States in over 25 years. Not one.

Remember the Keystone Pipeline? Gone. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge exploration? Shut down. Leases on energy collection on public lands? Not renewed. Supply is down and prices have climbed up. We all are feeling the squeeze at the gas pump. All the while leaving us vulnerable to those who have no qualms about taking the stuff out of the earth and are not necessarily our friends. Having to dance to their tunes for pricing and supply.

In addition to this, the Global Warming crowd has now, “bureaucratized” their Green New Deal 2030 to making all fossil fuel machines go electric. This year will be the last year that car manufacturers from America are building solely internal combustion engines. Next year, they will be required to have hybrids (gas and electric) in all their new models. Be ready for blackouts or brownouts because everyone will be tapping into the already overtaxed electric grid that is being squeezed by the “No More Coal” mandate. [Get ready to learn how to ride a horse once again, and light your kerosene lamps if this Green New Deal comes to pass.] Because solar, wind, and hydro aren’t there technologically, reliable enough, or widespread for this forced energy transition.

The Solutions for You and Me – Because everything has to be shipped in with today’s product distribution system the cost of goods, and more so for exotic goods (like avocadoes, coconuts, and bananas) are going to go sky-high. Do you have a system in place to reclaim your Food Independence? Do you have your source for seeds? A place to grow what you want to eat YEAR ROUND? The know-how of what to do? And the determination to do what needs to be done?

Get yourself as free from being dependent on the infrastructure as possible. Get yourself into a community that values American Grit over Government handouts. Buy and work your own land, and get it fully paid off. Set up your own energy backups which have to include wind, water, and solar among other forms of energy like ethanol or methane. Even the most basic of wood and kerosene can assist you in freeing yourself from energy dependence and being beholden to their insane Green New Deal edicts.

Land & Farming

Throughout the history of the U.S. farming en masse has been a cornerstone of what makes America great. It is what drove the economy for so long and still counts for 1/5 of our current GDP. Represents more than 15% of all U.S. employment numbers. We have been feeding the world with those massive crops of corn, and wheat, and soy et.al. Many countries, and their inhabitants would have starved to death many times over if it weren’t for the American Farmer over the last 100 years of wars, famines, pestilence, natural disasters, and despots. We have struggled within our own borders ourselves from time to time, but we keep plugging away because of the heritage that each farm large or small represents, and for the American-Grit moxie working the land builds in ya.

Although more and more, over the last 60 years, We the People have not chosen the agriculture profession, the Family Farm has been hanging in there. Despite the lure of city life and the plugged-in generational habits, there are still those who have their family farms of 50, 140, or 520 acres. There are those who still enjoy the idea of homesteading, even a plot of land as small as a quarter of an acre. Keeping the traditions, and the living methods alive and well for those who may need them when the rough patches hit.

For generations, people had to be knowledgeable and active in their own food acquisition. Whether it be animal or vegetable, in America, where people pull themselves up by their proverbial bootstraps, could not stand the idea that they could not provide for themselves or their loved ones. Victory Gardens and backyard farms were common and help to an ever-increasing restriction on household budgets. Food Independence was wanted and needed, and their reliance upon the local grocer was mitigated by what they grew in their backyard gardens.

The Weakening – Through the machinations of the establishment elite and their push through the United Nations and Progressive policies NOW ESPOUSED by the political left in our nation, they are looking to have full Equity in how we provide food to our people and the other nations of the globe {which extreme poverty was at 46% in 1980 and is only 8.16% today). This Collective action is taking what is efficient and cost-effective methods of farming and mashing them into their Green New Deal requirements. Which will curtail yields and drive down access, as well as drive up the cost to produce and inevitably the price of them to the end consumer. This centrally planned gobbly-gook is thinly veiled communism. Sacrificing in the unholy name of Climate Change will have the same results as Stalin’s farm collectivization, and Mao’s intellectual revolution in the 1950s. Starvation of millions – 60 to 70 million altogether then, how many more tomorrow?

The Socialist progressives are now pressing to burden families who have these heritage farms with more taxes upon the death of the original owners. Making it virtually impossible to afford to carry over the farming traditions from one generation to the next. Heck, they have placed into the mindset of the rising generation that land ownership is an undesirable luxury that one should not be burdened with. Simultaneously taking away the knowledge of how to be Food Independent, all the while crushing the desire to have self-determination that ownership of land instills. This diabolical trait is designed in getting the land out of the hands of We the People, and into the control of the ruling class of establishment elites at hugely discounted prices. (Serfs and Nobles anyone?)

The drumming out of the American Psyche, that of self-determination, has long been the goal of those academics who espoused and indoctrinated our rising generations on the principles of Marxism. Gen X grew up in the Reagan years and saw how great things could be if you stick to the correct path of capitalism and hold on to the American Ideals. Gen Y, a little less so, and for a large portion of those Millennials who have only known post 9/11 Patriot Act Surveillance State and connection to vulnerable and spying systems have already been resigned to the fact that American Grit is not worth the effort. So detached are they from the American Ideals and how things work in the world to get finished products and foodstuffs to them, and so used are they to the product distribution system working, they have completely separated themselves from being able to support themselves, let alone know what to do when the hard times come calling.

The Solutions for You and Me – Get yourself as far as you possibly can from being reliant on the current products distribution system. Grow your own food, on your own land no matter how big. Grow it year-round using Aquaponics Systems that allows you do to just that. Educate yourself in what you need to do to eat well and healthily. Start using what you learn right away, practice makes permanent! Not only with your food systems, but also with your clothes, or tools, or everyday-use items. Learn how to do those life hacks so that come what may, and wherever you find yourself at, you can make it comfy and a bit like your home.

Structure your finances and your land holdings in those lawful and useful legal entities called trusts. Get it done right so that when change happens you are protected from one generation to the next. That is what the Rockefellers, Du Ponts, and Steve Jobs of the world have done, you can use it too.

Improve upon your land, build it up so that you can continually maintain it with as little force as possible. Keep your own livestock for your needs. Build them up as you need them, and slaughter them as well. If you are a wise steward you will be blessed. Learn what it takes to own and care for the animals you choose to have on your property, and how you are going to provide for their needs as well.

Find or create in the community you have found a farmer’s market. Where if push comes to shove that things, a commodity for a commodity can be bartered and not have to involve any form of money to represent value. Engender those connections, those friendships, and relationships that can add variety and a bit of luxury to the daily hum-drum. Cut your costs that would have to take money to pay as much as you can. Cutting the cords of the Cable companies has been one place where I have saved thousands over the years.

Abundant Labor

We were the envy of the world. We had a rising generation (baby boomers) whose parents had gotten them off the farm and into the educational halls where thought and innovation across every industry were happening. The education levels in medicine, and engineering, and in chemistry, physics, and biology were off the charts. Again people from all over the world, sent their young to be educated here, and most times they stayed and added their intellectual power to America.

For better or worse, there were fewer regulations on the what’s and wherefore’s of doing business. Someone could have a great idea, develop it, build it, produce it en masse, and change industries, and benefit the lives of those they chose to serve. Of course, there were some bad examples that sprung up, but for the most part, We the People had the drive to better our situations through hard work and improvements on the norms.

The American Dream of being your own boss, owning your own home, and driving the car you want was instilled. Adding to the educational growth, and the innovations coming along the American entrepreneurial streak allowed labor costs to remain in check with the growing economy. Even for the small  Mom and Pop Shops out there, it was easy to get the goods, have employees work years for them, and make a good living for boss and worker.  The idea if you were poor you could work smart and build yourself a comfortable future was alive and well.

The Weakening – Through their social engineering and the Fabian socialist methods of “get them while they’re young” proliferated into our educational systems. For the first 80 years, it was primarily centered on higher education. The universities and colleges and the Social Justice majors (Gender Studies anyone?) started to lionize the socialist principles and idolize the failed government systems that had killed millions. Now, in the last 10 years having fully taken over higher learning, they have seeped their ideologies into the teaching curriculum for nearly all public school systems. from kindergarteners to seniors in high school. There is rarely a purely educational lesson that doesn’t have social equity, justice, or progress in it somewhere. They are coming for the children, for the children’s sake of course.

Over the course of the last 50 years, there are been more bureaucratic burdens, regulations, requirements, rules, and all their attendant fees laden at the business community’s feet. Again, it is a given that some of these rules and regulations have been for the betterment of the worker and general public. But there was a turning point in many industries, about 2008, where we were slammed and hit with an overwhelming amount of red tape and fees, and taxes. Add into the mix the last few years with the shutdowns, the lockdowns, the moratoriums, the mandates, and the unconstitutional edicts that have decimated small business to the point where 43% of small business that was IN business in 2019, are no longer in business today doing the same thing if anything at all. Many business owners losing everything that they worked decades for, gone in a matter of weeks and months.

WIth their nihilism being taught early in childhood, the hatred for the bourgeoisie, class, and racial hatred, and drilling into their impressionable skulls that they are the oppressed; along with the crushing weight (both of soul and fiscal) that snuffed out those entrepreneurial businesses that were the backbone of many communities. Most 20-year-olds do not think they want to own anything, let alone their own businesses, land, and amenities. the 40-year-olds, who have lost their shirts, or have been downsized, or laid off or furloughed are just trying to hang on to what they got, and those any older if they had any stability in their fiscal lives no longer do. Having infiltrated education, and crush the entrepreneurial spirit, only 19% of those 35 and younger feel the American Dream is possible and only 36% of those polled who are 40+ still do. Destroying the workforce and their ambitions is their goal. This will be the first generation since the 1930’s that the rising generation will be worse off than the previous one.

The Solutions for You and Me – The work ethic that created the backbone of the United States has been severed for the most part. It is for those who have the willingness and ambition to put in the work, however hard or long that will have the advantage in the days to come. Keep yourself in the practice of the most important facets of life. Develop your own work ethic. Drum out the urge to hesitate or procrastinate. Get the reputation of a go-getter when it comes to tasks, especially the hard ones. Make a habit of it, and drill it into your being making it a characteristic you are known for. And don’t just work hard, but also work smart.

And as you are building your reputation, gather those who are like-minded and like-bodied around you. If you are surrounded or surround yourself with those slackers, or procrastinators, they will do all in their power to hang on your coattails. There may come a time when you have to switch those friends for others that are more like the person you are becoming. Generally speaking, you will be able to attract those like-minded individuals if you are positively providing the ideal you want to be a part of and be known for.

Let those around you know that you won’t settle for less, and the expectation in employment, in the neighborhood, and at home is such that those around you have that penchant for work as well.

Strong Money System

There was a time in America that we were relatively free from taxes, our money was backed by value a gold standard held in the highest regard by everyone, and that inflation or money markets had no real influence upon the value of that money in our pockets.

Now, this, of course, couldn’t and didn’t last long – by 1913 the federal income tax was introduced, and taxes for just about everything started to be heaped upon the American people, locally, regionally, and federally. But for the longest while in the 20th Century, we had a powerful and strong money system that became the world’s reserve currency. Because of the resources, we brought to bear in response to the world wars, and the depression and devastation of other countries’ fiat money systems, the U.S. Dollar became the backbone of the world’s economies. It was set against the Gold Standard, one monetary promissory note with George Washington on it and we could go to the bank and get the equivalent of that in gold. It was clear, concise, and equitable.

Despite the limiting access of that gold to We the People by Roosevelt and the removal of the connection of the Gold or Silver standards by Nixon, the Dollar became and presently still is the only way you can buy a barrel of oil. Of measuring stock markets, and saving in the federally insured banks. Despite those missteps by weak presidents, those who were in charge of keeping our money stable, for the most part, were sane and responsible in how they manipulated the money markets that have sprung up. They adhered to the governs of sound fiscal policies set by those who had experienced the chaos of decades previous in the wild west day of the 1800s. The Dollar was trusted because America didn’t screw around with their precious fiat money as others had done with the Sterling, or the Deutschmarks or the Lire.

We could count on the Dollar to be there, and as valuable as it was weeks before, and would be weeks after.

The Weakening – This has only started to happen in the last decade or so. Before 2008 there was no one even suggesting that the dollar could be replaceable let alone weakened to a point where it would lose the confidence in it or the value from it.

When those in the money markets, commodities, and stock markets in the western world overextended themselves in the derivatives leveraging that was unabashedly created to squeeze easy profits out of it, and wholly corruptible with no oversight or reporting requirements on such activities crashed the largest market that was in the U.S.; the housing market. It all set off a whirlwind of unintended consequences. Not to mention that there was lazy fiscal responsibility with the ultimate mortgage guarantors Sallie Mae and Freddy Mac, and the ever-increasing overspending of the national government, into billions and eventual TRILLIONS of dollars per year, the burdens that all of this put on the American Monetary System threatened to collapse it entirely. In a very real sense, the dollar came within days of becoming default and worthless.

At that time all the guard rails of fiscal responsibility that were being used to keep the dollar stable were shod and drastic, as well as desperate methods were employed to hold it all together for the short term, but inevitably was going to be disastrous in the long range of things. But they didn’t stop there. They (meaning the Federal Reserve, a secret private enterprise in charge of America’s money) had never bought the debt generated by the U.S. (the note to promise to pay it back with interest) which they started to do in larger and larger amounts. Then they saw the dollar succumbing to the ebbs and flows of money which you rode as gently as possible with fluctuating interest rate hikes and lowerings. But to do so would cause hyperinflation from what they did to save the dollar. So they did what they called Quantitative Easing which is a fancy term for printing more money and releasing it out to the markets. Again a band-aid for the short term in edging off hyperinflation, but ultimately causes the Fiat Money, the Promissory Note to lose its value. Quick and shocking inflation vs. slow and creeping inflation. They’ve done this more than 6 times already. Flooding the market with greenbacks so that what we are being paid, buys less. The 2021 dollar buys 60 cents worth of goods compared to the full dollar of 2006. A 40% drop in overall value.

There is no end in sight for this to stop or ease. We don’t have the money, the strength of the dollar, nor the intestinal fortitude to correct this. It will go until it fully and completely collapses with no other way to get around it. The dollar is a ticking time bomb and world governments know it.

Add to all that bad news the ever-increasing taxes on the American people. There isn’t a tax that has been set by any government that has been fully rescinded. and on the rare occasion, it has been eased or made redundant, then the left looks to restore that and add so much more. Taxes are being paid on wages, and sales tax is paid on wanting to use those wages for goods or services, then each year an income tax (both State and Federal) is being assessed on those wages that have already been taxed. I am being assessed a fee or a tax for the land that I am owning or paying on, for the public school system around me, for doing business in the place I want to, on the workers that I employ, and on ALL the insurances I pay for their health and eventual leaving me for other employment.  I pay taxes on my proposed profits each quarter, whether I realize those profits or not; I pay a tax to drive my car, on the car itself each year, extra tax on the gas I want to put in it. I have to do that with every single vehicle and motorize unit I have from the tiniest water ski to the largest RV. I have to pay extra to go to a football or soccer game in a stadium, I have to pay extra tax for the guns I want to protect myself with, for the fishing I want to do, and the hunting I want to take. Then, if by some chance I don’t pay a tax that they said I should, I get taxed, fined, and penalized for that. And lastly, when I kick the bucket, and I haven’t set it up correctly they tax me on me dying on what is leftover.

You get the picture, taxation without representation, the main reason our Forefathers revolted against a king, the slavery they didn’t want to be under… we have supplanted in modern times in droves.

The Solutions for You and Me – After all that I highlighted above, I am not as pessimistic as it may sound on Fiat Money. It is currently how the world conveys and thinks about value. I am all for money… when it is being handled and stabilized with sound fiscal principles. And at present, those in the US Government have not, and don’t look like they will return to those sound principles. The collapse is not a question of IF but of WHEN. You need to watch for the ‘What’ that can trigger the WHEN.

Then the question comes in, what do you suggest as a replacement? For liquidity, nothing will be as easy as cash, however, the oldie but goodie on this is precious metals, followed by precious gems. Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, even Platinum or Titanium could work right in this capacity as well as decent-sized gems of Jade, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire as well as Diamond. But if you aren’t a pirate, or able to have access to those types of things, then it falls to what can be produced.

There is nothing greater or more valuable than Knowledge, Know-How, and Skill. If you know how to do something, like if you can make pots similar to the ol’ Tinker, or shoes as the Cobblers that is the best position to be in. If you know how to produce and get a positive end result from that work there is clear value in that. Learn a Skill, one preferably that is needed by everyone, and when mass production comes to a screeching halt you will be able to fill the gap for as many people that need that item in your adopted community.

Then it comes down to the bartering systems you can set up with your close communities, using as currency those skills and what you can produce on a regular basis. And being able to provide something that naturally is renewable and perpetually generates and replenishes is a sweet spot to be in once the economies crash from being global to that of being local once again.

Rule of Law

There is nothing else like it since God gave breath to Adam and Eve in the Garden. Sure there have been societies and communities that have reached a certain plain of understanding that crime was non-existent. But in the eons of time, and recorded history, only two congregations have achieved that Pure Nirvana. The rest of the thousands of years have not been so kind to the human race.

It is the United States Constitution I am speaking about. No other document or set of laws has been put forth to govern mankind that was as universal and inclusive as the U.S. Constitution. Nothing… not the Phoenicians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, or any other ruling empire across the globe has had such liberty and freedoms promised and protected than in what was drafted in 1789. In regards to the Africans that were sold by their own into slavery, that was an economic situation that eventually came to a head and was paid for in the blood of brother killing brother and resulting in the specific guarantees for those of African descent to be included in all that was promised at the founding of our country.

America was known as the place where you could find justice. That the adherence to that Rule of Law was unshakable, incorruptible, and expected. That with the right hearing of the facts, not opinions or conjecture but the real facts one could seek or receive justice. The natural assumption when you think of those in charge of keeping the peace and us safe from external harms as they come our way, that it is out of a sense of duty and honor instead of what can line their pockets, and coffers. Sure there have been some times, and some pockets that law enforcement has gone astray, but usually when light is put upon it, it gets cleaned up and flying straight. Truth and justice to the American mindset will prevail.

The Weakening – It has happened over time as well but has sped up in the last decade or so. And as I have mentioned above, there have been those instances that corruption happened and justice wasn’t served. But in the past, they were the anomaly and not the norm, like it is, say, in Mexico for instance.

You did have those few and far between miscarriages of what is/was right. But more and more nowadays, these are becoming more frequent in our courts. That it isn’t just how you lay out the facts, but how you can spin the perception of those too.

Law institutions, Police Departments, of federal law enforcement (the FBI, DEA, ATF, and more) have perpetrated more crimes than the normal layperson could ever do. And whether it only has come to light recently or it is more prevalent now it matters not, the trust and the confidence that once was had is gone now in those things that were relied upon to receive the satisfaction of the law. Want examples? EPA dumping toxic waste down a river in Colorado… nothing happened, no fines, no firings or prosecutions. Lying to Congress, in the past, there was jail time for doing so, but now, it is semantics. One of the most egregious I can think of is the complete train wreck that is Hunter Biden. Who has lost 2 laptops with incriminating and solid evidence of corruption and pay to play of selling of an office of a senator, of a Vice President, and now, as the absent-minded Emperor in Chief. They have done it for 35 years, and are still doing it now for wind-blown finger paintings going for $500K a pop.

There is a two-tiered justice system alive and flourishing in our country today, and heaven forbid you don’t have the right ideology, or say the right words or tow the prescribed line… finding yourself on the wrong side of all that and you are a criminal, on the wanted side of it, you are a misunderstood youth no matter the age or deviance committed. We all know this, have seen this, and unfortunately been a target once or twice by this.

And the shining of the light that kept corruption at bay for so long, has in the last 20 years been so densely infiltrated with paid and unknowing propagandists that Goebbels could have only dreamt about. So prevalent is their bias and carrying the water for those political criminals that nearly every news organization or what used to be called the 4th branch of the U.S. Government is in bed (and sometimes that is in a literal sense) with those committing the crimes against We the People. There is no shame because there is no light set upon their machinations.

When the supreme office that is elected to uphold the Constitution continually transgress against it, ignoring it, and stomping it underfoot it is no wonder the other branches of governments, and all that was created therein reek of putrification and decay.

The Solutions for You and Me – This one is a hard one. Because it is something we in the United States, never thought could happen. We didn’t think that it would have broken down as quickly as it seemingly has. But that notwithstanding, this is the Solutions part of it all. So, we first have to be the agents of the Example. Meaning we have to learn or remind ourselves what is truly moral and ethical. This is a mental muscle that we need to continually work out.  We need to seek out those who have had the correct idea of what is moral and what is ethical, and then we need to reflect that in all that we do. We can’t be the ones that take the shortcuts, or the “I’ll do it next time” type of attitude. We need to remain on the straight and narrow, come what may.

Remember Practice Makes Permanent

Now, does this mean that we lie down and let those who are unethical or immoral or taking advantage unduly run ram shod all over us? No, with us always on the lookout for it, we will be able to (usually) see it coming from a mile away. Or at the very least feel it coming on, and when we do we need to take steps to keep it all on the up and up, sidestep the intended effects they want to have on the matter, on the subject, or on the situation; and have others see and demand the same standards you have. That is why picking and getting in with the right community is so important. No one is an island, and until you do live alone on one, you will need to deal with others in this world of ours.

Teach morality and ethics to others. The rising generations aren’t going to innately hold to that inner voice of goodness they are born with. Especially in a world that doesn’t value it at all. You need to be able to have those examples to show what morality is, and what circumstances call for it, and how to be ethical in what one says, shows, and does. And repeatedly teach it often to those you have an influence upon. (This also goes with manners in civil society as well.)

As you are setting the example for others to see, and developing a reputation for it, and are known as someone who has that integrity, you will always need to keep in mind that there may be certain battles where it is going to be fully rigged against you. That as morals are seared out of the public consciousness, and ethics are an inconvenient truth, you’ll need to gauge when a battle needs or can be undertaken. Individually and as a community. Know which type of “hill you are willing to die on” to make your stand.

The Overall TakeAway

This land, America, is still the land of promise! It is still the only place that you can have a chance to change your lot in life for the better. It is also where God chose to place a set of laws through inspired men to allow the Liberties and Freedoms to flourish for as long as they have. There is still a chance, as long as we call this land the U.S. of A. and One Nation under God that what had been guaranteed by the Constitution can be had once more.

But we cannot be complacent, or shy, or hesitant in our defense of this American Ideal. We need to be actively working in saving, preserving, and reactivating what our Forefathers sacrificed so much for. Let us become and teach how to be independent of governments and their grubby handouts. Let us build on our own patch of land the mechanisms that we can do just that. Let us be up and doing, with a heart for any fate preparing for the worst all the while hoping for the best. Let us create around us something more than what can be had with only fiat money; systems, cooperatives, commodities, and skills to share. Let us continually strive to be our best selves, and not lower our actions to a petty and malicious few.

May we fight to have this land of our inheritance available for those who come after us. This is my hope and prayer, Godspeed and God Bless.