If you are paying attention to what is happening in the world around us, and you should be, you can at least see there is a lot of instability in what we use to buy and sell goods. The precarious nature of the Dollar right now seems to be on a precipice unsure of which way it wants to head. One way, to remain strong and the world’s currency OR continue to lose value and preference on the world’s stage. It seems like there is a full court press on all that is essential for sustaining life, and livelihood here at home if you do not follow the coerced path that will soon be required.

Regardless to what may be happening in the money markets, it is always a wise course to diversify where you place and keep what you consider your wealth. This is NOT an article to dump the use of the dollar… as long as others are using it to transfer value for value, by all means use it. But it would be wise to start building additional avenues that people would accept as “currency” that isn’t entirely tied to the word and honor of the U.S. federal government.

Brainstorming how to work without government money systems

With all that being said, take the time to go over what you and your family can use for at least the sustenance you must have on a daily basis. What do you have in rich abundance that can be traded or bartered with others who have what you are in need of? What can you produce on an ongoing basis so that you can be a productive member of your community instead of a hanger-on? What can you gather to yourself to ensure that life is fulfilling and can go on for more than month to month?

Now, the mind cannot help but go to the examples of societal breakdowns and chaos that have been portrayed in movies, or in the history books. The shadows of Mad Max, or the wholesale starvation events of Ukraine and Rural China can be haunting. However, here in America we have a better example of how a society handled the ‘no cash’ situation during the 1930s.

And as we can gleam from those of our ancestors who weathered that storm for a full 11-12 years and their actions, and results can also be replicated in our modern times. So brainstorm here for as long as you need to, look for those examples that have been written down from the last Great Depression, search out the activities undertaken and follow likewise.

As you doing that, here are a couple that we have thought of that can be applied to the general public.

  • Possessions and materials – When the dollar won’t buy a loaf of bread, we will need to be able to convert what we have into what we need. Many people will get a quick tutorial on what they can and cannot live without when this time comes. It will come down to what you have readily in your possession, and the materials you have around where you live that isn’t claimed by other parties.

Perhaps this would be the only time “living big” would be a huge benefit. Again it can’t just be on the quantity of what you have, it all needs to be something that others want, and would swap for on an ongoing basis. A big shoe collection can only fit the feet of those with your same shoe size. And if you are hoarding sardines, or prunes or anything that wouldn’t be in great demand then you are not going to get any takers who want to “do business” with ya.

Lastly on this bullet point, you also will eventually run out of what you once had. Your supplies will eventually dry up and you will be facing a whole new set of concerns and problems for sure.

  • Skills and Services – Developing skills and performing services for people may be just the thing to concentrate upon. If you can do something that only a select few can do, and that would be needed in any type of an economy, then that is the way to a Midas touch in such a scenario. Just think about what are the essentials that people of any culture, nationality, creed or dogma will need to have, and can’t hardly live without? Once you land on something, then find out, learn, practice, and do as much as you can now so that you will not only be known for it, but people will come knocking with goods in hand for you to do it for them.

Plumbing, electrical, mechanical, tailoring,  basic foods (breads, eggs, cheese,, etc), builder of food growing systems… (Aquaponics anyone?), seed gatherer, purifier of water, dwelling builder and more.

Those vocations that are purely cerebral or have no intrinsic value will be done away with. Those in advertising, insurance, or sales just to name a few of a great many professions will have a hard time finding takers for the services they can provide. Versus the engineer, the auto mechanic and the butcher.

Production vs consumerism

The main difference from the 1930s to now is one MAJOR point. Back then, we as a community were only a decade or so away from the grand population living on farms and having been taught the methods to survive on what your two hands made. They had their parents, and their own childhoods to draw upon to bring back the way you darn a sock or preserve the strawberries. It was a time of great hardship that was offset by the knowledge that was had in greater numbers.

This is NOT, and I repeat, NOT the case today. Most cannot eat without a microwave, nor fix a light fixture or plant a garden because they have never had to and were never taught to do so. Most 20-30 somethings are almost entirely inept and lack the confidence to finagle something beyond their phone’s wi fi reception. That general knowledge of ‘survival and thrival’ when mass production and processed foods had yet to be invented, has slipped away with the advent of modern conveniences. They have become in every sense of the word a Consumer, and generally speaking, unable to draw upon the concepts of being a producer.

In that lands the danger, without that knowledge, fear will definitely set in to those unprepared. When fear reigns in one’s heart, they will become desperate and do desperate things even to those around them. If you find yourself in this lot of what I call Unknowings, you don’t have to fear, there is still time to turn things around for you and get a set of skills that will bring you what you need in a Fiat Money-less society.

The very first thing you should do is figure out how you can become a producer; how you can take from raw materials and make something that people will need daily or at least frequently. You need to become a producer of goods and services. You need to generate something of worth that you can time and time again, do so that your method of earning your living (literally earning what will keep you alive) can be continually renewed and not depleted. The art and science of propagation ( gathering seeds from what you grow, or birthing calves from your livestock for example) needs to be sought after in this important decision of yours. A decision to keep you in the hard times from resorting to the Mad Max chaos that will be whispered into your mind’s ears from the darkest regions of one’s soul.

Start Making Your Decisions Today

When I was younger, I had some very big dreams. And I would always say, someday I will do this or that. I will accomplish this big thing, or achieve that grand status. Someday, One day, when I am able to… I finally realized that, that some one day would not come unless I starting doing it NOW. No more waiting for the right time, or circumstance. It will never be exactly the right time or the pristine situation, you have to begin today even when you feel the most unprepared to do so. Today is the time to make the decisions.

Get off your duff, stop the video game, or watching the Kardashians on your phone and get yourself into a position that can last the tests of time, and circumstance. That you, whichever the circumstance that may come and however long the time may roll, can be called upon to build, strengthen and bring peace to those around you because of WHAT you know and WHAT you do.

Overall TakeAway

Yes, that can be you! You can be the hanger-on, the ne’er-do-well, the parasite on a cashless society OR you can be productive, thrive and be at peace both mind and soul. You choose ye this day what you want to be and then you take the steps necessary, now, whatever the time requirement or monetary sacrifice. You don’t have to live being fearful of the next economic downturn, or the next set of lay-offs. You don’t have to have that pain in the pit of your gut that saying, “I hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow, because I sure am not ready”… Rather have the confidence that whatever comes your way you can overcome and move past it.

Do it today, start thinking, planning and doing – you won’t ever regret it.