10 Commandments for Self-Reliance

Commandment #1: Have the will to live well, no matter what your circumstance may be.

Having the will to live well goes beyond the dollars and cents. In fact it has very little to do with that at all. It requires a strong sense of self-preservation and adherence to what we are in essence, and in truth. This doesn’t come naturally, and is something we must all work at on a daily basis. To fall into despondency will sabotage our efforts to prepare for that time when supplies are short, when chaos rules the streets or when economic collapse has bankrupted the world.

Now I am not saying that any or all of these things will happen soon. But whether it is an earthquake, civil unrest, or personal/general economic disasters, that which happens, doesn’t determine who we are. We must find our Genius, and stick to it.

Commandment #2: Be self-sufficient and self-reliant, without wanting or needing excessive government assistance.

When chaos reigns in our minds, or in the land or a natural disaster strikes, we need to do our best to take care of ourselves. We need to have our own food, our own source of clean, purified water, our own medical supplies, and most important, a robust skill set that will allow us to live quite comfortably without electricity or petroleum products, when push comes to shove.

There will still be a need for government assistance but that assistance should go to those that are truly needy through no fault of their own. That includes the wounded, the sick, the working poor, the elderly, children, and the disabled. Couple that with the original intent of religion, of taking care of that same list, government assistance, if available can lift and edify those that need it.

Commandment #3: Seek knowledge as a solution to problems.

There are so many free or almost free sources of information these days but the tough part is determining who is credible and who is not. Luckily, you have ThatAquaponicsGuy to lean on for some of those tough questions! Beyond our reach, there are other sources that are as dedicated to bringing to the forefront true knowledge, no matter the status or consequence. It is obvious the traditional arms of news have turned into arms of propaganda for their “masters” and we need to  vet the reliable members of the alternative press.  These reporters attempt to tell the news without fear-mongering and without getting you to spend money (unless you want to of course).

Even before seeking knowledge as a solution, some effort has to be put into both identifying and prioritizing of the problems at hand. Why not identity five or six problems and find good solid solutions to those before moving on to the next group?

While we still have a reliable power grid, download free e-books or visit survival and homesteading websites to pick up skills. Take advantage of the wealth of DIY information at your local library for free.  Build your own Survival Library and learn do-it-yourself skills. Continue to practice and to drill and to learn some more.

Turn problems into solutions by using knowledge as your tool.

Commandment #4: Adapt to the surroundings, wherever they may be.

As comfortable as we may be in our homes, the time may come when you have to evacuate and leave. Your house may get destroyed in a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood or earthquake. Or, due to the woes of the economy and unexpected unemployment, you may have to sell the humble abode and move to a modest apartment.

The house in which you live is built of sticks and cement and bricks and mortar. Your home, on the other hand, is where ever you happen to live and if you are lucky, where you are surrounded by loved ones, even if they are the four legged type.

Learning to adapt to your surroundings – the people, the geography, and the social morass – will allow you to embrace change as an adventure even when the causative circumstances may not be pleasant.  And that all translates into a lot less stress.

Commandment #5: Embrace decisiveness as a core value.

Avoiding a decision when the choices are poor to begin with leads to complacency and even worse, doing nothing. On the other hand, making a decision and then pursuing that decision with decisiveness and gusto will likely lead to positive results. Sure, the result may not be perfect, but the willingness to make decisions, even in the face of uncertainty, means you are taking responsibility for your actions and for the outcome of your decision.

And right or wrong, you will learn from the experience. Doing nothing is simply not acceptable. Doing nothing, most of the time is the wrong choice.

Commandment #6: Channel fear into positive actions.

Fear is what you feel when you haven’t felt, seen, heard or done something in the past. Being fearful and running scared is what the Power Mongers wants you to do. Fear translates into submission and submission results in being controlled. Add a bit of brainwashing and the result starts to sound like Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia.

A good way to avoid fear is to be prepared to fend for yourself in all types of situations. Remember, Practice Make Permanent!

Go back and analyze the most likely risks within your sphere of life and prepare for those first. Go back to commandment #3 and seek knowledge as a solution to problems. Take control of fear by channeling your energy into positive actions.

Commandment #7: Defend your right to freedom and the tenets of the US Constitution.

Embrace freedom and defend your right to liberty. What is liberty? How about:

  • The power to do as one pleases
  • Freedom from physical restraint
  • Freedom from arbitrary or despotic control
  • The positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges
  • The power of choice

Many alive today do not remember what true freedom felt like. That the case of having a way to track you, spy on you, or get information on you is not a “bid deal” nowadays. We currently live in a world of airport pat-downs, forced healthcare, mandatory vaccinations, and the unauthorized surveillance of our whereabouts and our communications. If many politicians have their way, soon we may lose our right to bear arms and defend ourselves.

Don’t give up your rights without a fight. Civil Disobediance the CRAP out of those Executive Orders, Bureaucratic Regulations and Faulty Bills of Legislation. And don’t be so afraid of the power elites that you fail to speak up to defend those rights. Some people will cower and hide. Instead, why not band together with like-minded people and make your voice heard. If we don’t do it, who will?

Commandment #8: Respect others and their right to privacy.

Notwithstanding #7, everyone has the right to their opinions and their right to privacy. There are some things that people simply do not want to talk about or share. Move on and respect their privacy. The time will come when you will want them to respect yours.

This also goes with what they choose to do for a job, or choose to worship or choose to perform in their homes. To each to their own conscience be beholden, and as long as they do not infringe upon me, I will not infringe upon them.

Commandment #9: Pursue love and laughter on a daily basis.

Even the most holy in the Scriptures had a chuckle or two. Had a time when they relaxed with those they enjoyed being around, or doing activities that set their minds at ease. We all need a break because, truly, it is all too much these days. Call it down time, call it personal time. Whatever the name, love a little and laugh a little each and every day.

Love and laughter are a big part of living a strategic life. As difficult as it may be, especially during a crisis, take ten minutes or take an hour but do take some time each day to embrace survival in this most essential manner.

Commandment #10: Be authentic and real to yourself and to those around you.

One reason kids matter is that they are not spoiled by life. When they are very young, they only seek to know truth. They don’t understand deceit and lies.

When things are not going well, it is easy to pretend and fantasize that things are different. There is nothing wrong with that as long that you know in your heart of hearts that reality is quite different. You cannot make reasonable, practical and viable decisions based upon myth. You need facts. To survive, you need to acknowledge these facts and accept the truth.

Truth will lead to trust, and trusting your decisions is paramount for others to trust you as well. To be real means to be true to yourself regardless what others think. And without being real, the other commandments just don’t matter.

The Overall TakeAway

These 10 commandments of Self Reliance sets the stage for our first combo offer ever!  We have in store for you the very first baby steps you can take toward being self-reliant, with your backyard farming and Aquaponics, for your Food Stuffs and Storage, and for a host of many other things.

The world is still scary and I  still believe that the worst is yet to come.  Sadly it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

At best, all we can do is to continue to learn to be self-reliant and independent so that we can keep my sanity and my ability to think rationally under stress.