Coming from the asphalt jungles and growing up never being exposed to the farm life as a kid, I have had several “awakenings” along the way. It is still a learning experience for me. and I suspect it will continue to be as I have my arms wide open for the nature and the opportunity to live at a slower pace.  As I set to relearn all that is needed for the self-sustaining activities (and even learn in the first instance) I begin to realize that the high shine of nostalgia is laced consistently with the tinge of hard knocks.

That kids song “Old MacDonald’s Had a Farm” is a cute rendition of what you can find, makes it seem all kicks and giggles on that farm front, doesn’t it? The song should go into more details than it actually does. I never found in the lyrics what happens to chickens from the farm to the dinner table. Old Mac never mentioned about what it takes to clean a stall or pen or anything from that Cow or Horse or Pig. And it surely didn’t mention how to keep those animals and pests out of your herb garden.

When you are looking to set up your own “Farm” whether it is in the Backyard or not, the realities of doing so can be a steep learning curve. We here at ThatAquaponicsGuy acknowledge and praise those who are looking to become more independent with their food growing systems! If they be organic plants or smaller meat additions to the eating palate (chickens, quail, fish or goats) and all their by products it can be an eye-opener for sure.

For those who have moved further out and have more space on their land for their Backyard Farm, there are additional adjustments that you have found which have to be made. So many so, that we have no time or space here to mention all of them here. Suffice it to say, and can be wrapped up in, the additional time that it takes to do most everything. In the setting up of the systems, the buying and planting of seed (whether on a small or large scale, it matters not). The cultivation time frames of plant and animal. Not to mention the time it takes for maintaining the tools, equipment and vehicles it takes to properly run the homestead.

It is a slower pace, because it takes so much time to do what needs to be done!

I still have a love for the quiet, when not experiencing the harshness winter has shown me. I see the change in the trees, the ground soil and the wild animals seem all the more joyful. Beyond the stress of getting what needs to be done in the time and place you want it to, the peace that comes over you each time you accomplish the tasks at hand, and the overall satisfaction of doing what is worth the while is irreplaceable. The sights and smells (and yes some of them are pretty pungent) the breeze felt through the trees, and the cornstalks, the morning sunshine on your face and back. Mmmm, Country living, can’t beat it by living in the city. How could it?

Either way, for now I will keep adjusting and learning as I stay here. I pretty much could teach Old MacDonald a thing about being city on the inside and living country life on the outside. If you are looking to start on your path to the Country Life, take a look at starting your own Aquaponics System from Scratch! CLICK HERE