The year is 2021.  Looking back, everything in the good old days of 2001 to 2019 seems like a distant memory now.  The year that was used to push a pandemic upon the populace of the world, the long and arduous 2020 will be forever etched in the minds of all those who were alive to experience it. And yeah, at the time those good old days did not seem so good (2008 anyone?).  But now they do.  Why?  The world and society as we knew it are long gone.

This could be said for any time in the last 200 years when any industrial, medical, societal, or political change has hit the nation. What were people thinking in 1859 versus in 1866? Before and after the War to end all Wars (which so happen to be the War to begin more Wars)? Or what were people thinking as the hardships of the 1930s turned in the most uncertain times of the 1940s? As I said, some of us still remember those times. And as those that do get fewer and fewer among us, it seems like we may have to relearn those political and governmental lessons once again.

It has only been in the last 50 years or so that society has been stable enough that norms have set into the American psyche. Of the food distribution systems working seamlessly, public education being relatively free, and of course, that justice is blind and available to everyone. There has been more time in our great nation when this was not the case than it was and yet, there are a great many people who are wholly unprepared for what had been the norm for 150+ years of our history.

If things were to resort to the norm, rather than the recent exception, what then? We are left with a new world, a world without conveniences, without power and without a consistent and reliable food supply.

The schoolhouse would more than likely be the kitchen table, with Mom and Dad pitching in to teach their children and loved ones the basics of reading, math, and science.  And that is where all these articles on this website are designed for: as a tool for helping you prepare for a possible time when a traditional school is not available to educate our children.

In Gaining an Education After a Societal Collapse, you will continually be reminded that different children – and people for that matter – have different capacities and styles of learning.  That said, within the scope of those differences, teaching children to solve problems and think critically is probably the most important lesson of all.  In all these pages here, suggestions are provided for embracing project-based learning regardless of individual learning capacities and maturities.

Quite remarkable, if you ask me.  After all, when is the last time your local school district even taught in this manner?

But even more important, if you care about our world and you care about society, you will want to read the rest of the articles here as you can.  And after reading them?  You just might – like me – want to stock up on some textbooks, paper, writing materials, and flashcards so that you will have them for the children of the unprepared – if and when the time comes.

For more information, be sure to visit our links on Your Survival Library, as we build up the combinations of books there that you can purchase, download, print out, and bind yourself for your own use.

What I have described above, in my own words, is the scenario described before by many who have lived through the hard times and wanted to pass on the lessons learned.  It is not a pretty picture and most certainly it will make you want to sit back and think (as well as ratchet up the preps more than just a little bit.)

But his intent is not to scare and not to create panic.  Rather, with this brief introduction, the intent is to set you on a track for thinking about an aspect of prepping you rarely hear about:  the education of our children and the leaders of the next generation.

School When There Is No Classroom

We have to remember, that those coming up behind us in the rising generations haven’t any idea on how to be able to provide for themselves as the Pioneers did. That this knowledge, among many other important subjects to know (beyond Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic) is how to work with nature so that it doesn’t kill you off immediately. It is upon your shoulders to educate the young. Be serious enough about it to gain skills or have access to such information, and have fun with it… or like many experienced in 2020, the doldrums of being unprepared.

We need to be able to truly educate without the indoctrination that is being perpetrated in our public schools today. If you leave your children in a school (public and private) that has accepted and are promoting the Critical Race Theory, you are not only delinquent in your duties as a parent, but you are grossly neglecting that child leaving them in the hands of those who wish to enslave their minds, and control their lives to the child’s physical and spiritual detriment.

Using this background, you need to use this passion as an educator of your children, about teaching the full truth and puts it in the context of the old days – not unlike Laura Ingalls in her series of books titled Little House on the Prairie.  Back then traditional schoolhouses were few and far between.  They were predominately in the cities and towns and only randomly scattered in rural communities.  There were no electronics, no calculators, and not cyberspace and Internet to use for research purposes. You need to be ready for this task of educating your children because the time is upon us that you need to take this vital action today.