Let the Doubt Just Slip Away

When someone realizes that there is a real need to start to move themselves from the complete reliance upon the food distribution channels that have been set in modern times to a more self sustaining position at one time or another asks him or herself: could I become 100% self-reliant in terms of providing food for myself and my family?

Many see Food Security as a daunting and overwhelming task and will initially say, no, that is not possible. And in some respects that may be true. With all the foreign delicacies that have become commonplace with the sauces and curries and food stuffs that are not made locally that is absolutely true. There is no way we can duplicate all of it, that is now available on the exotic aisle in the grocery store.

Heck, even things that have become mainstays in our diet like butter, or chocolate syrup or even some cheeses. All those, plus a couple dozen more food items that we regularly eat can be hard items to make in the quantities that we are used to. Could you imagine making peanut butter every other week as your kids gobble it down? There would be a need for an adjustment of a few snack items around the pantry.

For some the task of finding enough room to actually grow the food itself may seem limiting. Many having very little space and only a few hours of direct sunlight a day coupled with a short growing season could find all this a bit tough to do. There are also critters that eat everything in sight. Which can leave a modest container garden on a small deck with herbs and greens as the definitive crop. This is hardly enough to evoke self-sufficiency when it comes to growing your own groceries.

That being said, things may change.  First and foremost, you don’t have to have a full acre of soil to plant in. If you are wise, judicious and plan things out correctly you can set those container gardens on the balcony, the flower pots on the windowsill and that indoor Aquaponics System Kit in the corner  humming like a finely tuned food producing Farm. With a little more room and even with a 10 by 10 garden spot, heaven knows, growing food can be a lot of work and an extra set of square footage is always welcome – but even a couple of these sure can help you out when prices of goods or the means of getting those goods to you goes sky high.

With this introduction, I would like to encourage you to start… and Start Today! Even if it is merely getting the knowledge base of it all, circumstances often change and you never know where you may find yourself or the skills you will need to be able to keep fit as a fiddle. Self education goes a long way. Every farmer who have ever sought to plow a field and plant a seed has all had a first day, and first time, a first growing season and harvest.

Something of Value for Everyone

The most valuable part of getting started is that you will start building the confidence to take on the more involved or complicated. You’ll he able to see what is working best in the pot, container, or any other Food Growing System you undertake. And Yes! Even that Aquaponics System you’ve been seeing here on this website! Here’s some tips for beginners:

  • Plan your garden.  What is your climate?  What grows well in your area?  Ask other gardeners in your community for advice while you are in the planning stage. And plan right for the space you have to plant with.
  • Start small or you will be overwhelmed and will give up.  Even starting with a few pots on a deck is better than nothing.
  • Determine your water needs in advance and install water systems (with Aquaponics, we show you how).
  • Beginners should start with nursery starts or a Seedling Starting Pod
  • Do not be afraid of failure.  It takes trial and error to figure out the nuances of what will work in your geographical area and your circumstances.  Plus, it takes time to develop the proper technique
  • Grow for calories.  If you are looking for 100% self-reliance, calories are important

A Few Caveats

There are a few food items, mainly where you are going to get your protein from that you may have to outsource. It would take quite a few flower pots to grow the beans you would need to fill your daily requirements let alone a family’s. Therefore things like Chickens (which are also good for egg-laying and not just for meat) and other cuts and types of meat you will need to look for a source who can get you what you need. Also your dairy needs for calcium and the right saturated fats a body requires, you’ll need to come up with a solution. Perhaps you can grow an extra barrel of potatoes and use them to get a half a side of beef, or a season of eggs from those who have to spare.

Overall TakeAway

Now is the time to pick up information, knowledge and hands-on know-how that has been missed by the last couple generations to help them be more Food Secure.  The materials in our survival library, in these articles we get you from time to time  and the videos, tutorials, how-to’s and direction guides why-for’s are timeless and an invaluable resource in providing you the references to be more confident in your Self Reliance skills and talents.

That said, after learning all that we have here for you, you can stay motivated to continue to at least try your hand at setting up your Food Security and Independence.  As I mentioned in the the beginning, with a bit of knowledge you can go a long ways. Start getting to know what you don’t know you need to know.