What’s the Lowdown?

It is right over the “crest” of the hill… what is, you may ask? Because of the natural and unnatural manipulations of the markets, money systems, and distribution channels that make up how our society now operates there are going to be some major fluctuations that are going to affect every single one of us.

Here’s the evidence1) inflation is up 6.2% in 2021 so far. The highest it has been for 30 years officially AND if you adjust it to how it was calculated in the 1980’s it is higher than what was experienced in the Carter administration with the fuel cues, and sky-high interest rates (which both are coming by the way).

2) Pay rates are stagnating or even going down because of the scale of inflation cutting the buying capacity of the dollar. It will take more to buy less and all the food and goods manufacturers are scaling up their pricing (by at least 20%) that will be another factor in the inflation equation. And the monetary manipulations being perpetrated have yet to subside.

3) Unemployment is officially around 5% currently. Again if you stop fudging on the numbers, and calculate it like it was in the 80s it is nearer to 15%. That is including those who are switching jobs because their company went out of business during the Plandemic and those who have taken themselves out of the workforce by choice with the Social Angst whipping all around us. This is NOT taking into consideration all those who will be losing their jobs at the beginning of 2022 because of the un-scientific Vaxx mandates from his lowliness the Farter and Pooper himself (Lets Go Brandon!).

There are many more factors playing into this, and far from it being our purpose here of being the harbinger of doom and gloom… it is actually the opposite!

We are here to give you the good news, that you don’t have to be as affected (or even at all) by these whirlwinds casting about. You Can Be Your Very Own Agent of Change!

An Aquaponics System

OK, so that is a little melodramatic, but the tough times are upon us, we’ve all felt it when it comes to getting the goods it takes to survive, let alone thrive in our day and age. The time is now to start putting into place those systems and knowledge, wisdom, and skills to be able to weather what comes your way. The most excellent way to ease the burden on your pocketbook is to be able to grow and preserve what you want to see on your dinner table. And that is with your very own Aquaponics System!

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For those who are not (or only vaguely) familiar with the term Aquaponics; it is a closed ecosystem utilizing fish as the fertilizing catalyst of the plants, greens, fruits, and veggies that can be had therefrom. An example of this is in the graphic at the left. You are able to grow your food at a rate that is higher than normal permaculture (picture a backyard garden) application. Depending on where you set this Aquaponic System up, you can have year-round growing seasons of those plants that you are looking to put onto your kitchen table and into your families’ bellies.

We at ThatAquaponicsGuy have seen the writing on the wall for these calamities in our communities and have positioned ourselves in a place that we can be of service and a resource to those who are coming into that realization that they too can RECLAIM THEIR FOOD INDEPENDENCE – No longer being squarely reliant on the systems and funds that are depleting and increasingly hard to come by. Imagine, you aren’t feeling the pain and anguish of losing value over the collapsing money systems, and what is not in the grocery stores to eat… if you play the deck right, you will come out smelling like roses once the cards have all been played.

From Us and/or From Scratch

An Aquaponics System can be made from any type of material or container. The Frame of the System is the most versatile of the whole outfit. For example, the frame of the system can be made out of wood, put together with glue and nails, and as long as it is sturdy enough to bear the weight that the water will place upon it. Wood, metal, or even plastic is just fine as long as it is good and hardy.

We are using in our version PVC piping and connectors of 1 inch and 3/4 inch in diameter. We have found with the right bracing and weight-bearing stabilizers we can utilize this very versatile material. Almost like working with a “Lincoln Log” set… well, almost.

The Containers are interchangeable as well. Whichever material you can get your hands on, and is food grade will do for your fish and for the grow beds. One thing to remember is that the top of the container needs to have a ‘lip’ on it so that it can rest upon the framing you have built for it. Of course, you can drill or screw it to the frame itself. But the idea is to have it as portable as possible and collapsable for easy breakdown and transport. By securing it with glue or screws/bolts is an unnecessary step in my book.

The remainder of the items needed to run your Aquaponics System successfully is a steady immersible Water Pump with the hosing that can be regulated for the water going into the grow beds.

And you never want to forget the way that you can maintain the water in the grow beds for the optimal exposure before draining it all back to the fish tank, and that is with the right Bell Siphon contraption which we have been able to put together for you.

The Scratch Aquaponics System Kit that we have gathered, and pre-cut for you. Getting all the measurements of the PVC frame and all the assorted joints, bracers, and stabilizers so you don’t have to. Coupling that with the needed water pump system and the Bell Siphons and all you need to do is put it together and start cycling your water through the system.

All of that comes in a package right to your doorstep, with the Aquaponics Manual to set it all up and run it optimally. We have all that you need to get you started on being reliant on yourself for your nutritional needs.

Take another look at the Scratch Kit that will get you on your way! Also, take a look at the additional items you will need to maintain the balances, and levels of the system – Timers, Grow Lights, Thermometers, Grow Media, and even the fish food can be found right by CLICKING HERE

Reclaim Your Food Independence Now

You can take the bull by the horns and move it to where you want to go and with the TAG Scratch Aquaponics System Kit you have them horns right in your hands!

Get to know how it all works, by actually doing it in the comfort of your own home. The applicable knowledge you gain from the Kit will be able to prime you for the larger builds that will inevitably be needed for a full family to be completely sustained upon. Know what it takes to run your system correctly, optimally keeping the levels of the pH and the needed bacteria so the plants can grow robustly. Gain the expertise that you can automate the whole process of growing your own food. Alleviate the stresses and pain that only producing your own food can achieve. Start claiming your food independence today and order your kit!

Overall TakeAway

You don’t have to be “STUCK” in the set of circumstances that others may be forcing upon you. You are an Agent of Change when you set your mind to it and being independent of the food distribution channels set by the grocery stores and government entities as much as possible is being that Agent for Change and a wise steward. Oh, be wise… what can I say more?

ONE MORE THING – for a very limited time ThatAquaponicsGuy is offering a Free Hour of Consultation (a $75 value) when you order your Scratch Aquaponics System Kit. In fact, if you are within a 50-mile radius from ThatAquaponicsGuy HQ you can also have the option of a personal set of your Kit by the man himself. Again a limited-time offer, and is subject to change at any time so don’t hesitate in getting your system up and running today!