Each year the time to file your taxes seems to come sooner and sooner. And whether you pay or get a refund, that time of year gets you thinking how better can I make my money to work for me? Especially, when the money is a little harder to come by.

With that in mind, today I share some preparedness supplies that can be purchased for just a dollar.   Let us start with the local Dollar Store and see where it takes us.

Are you ready to do some budget prepping?

50 Prepping Items You Can Buy for a Dollar Each

1.  Bottled Water
2.  Canned Meats
3.  Canned Fruits and Vegetables
4.  Canned Juice
5.  Nuts and Crackers
6.  Candies
7.  BIC Lighters
8.  Paper Cups and Plates
9.  Plastic Utensils
10. Plastic Table Covers
11. Non-Electric Can Opener
12. Paper Towels
13. Aluminum Foil
14. Plastic Storage Bags/Containers
15. Garbage Bags
16. Toilet Paper
17. Plastic Buckets
18. Sponges
19. Disinfectants
20. Chlorine Bleach
21. Bar Soap
22. Laundry Soap
23. Flashlights
24. Batteries
25. Candles
26. Butane Matches
27. Wood Matches
28. Spray Bottles
29. Scissors
30. Hand Tools
31. Duct Tape
32. Utility Knife
33. Plastic Sheeting
34. Personal Hygiene Items
35. Vitamins
36. Sewing Kit
37. Latex Gloves
38. Antibacterial Towelettes
39. Antibacterial Ointment
40. Antiseptic Ointment
41. Adhesive Bandages
42. Tweezers
43. Aspirin/Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever
44. Cotton Balls
45. Paper & Notepads
46. Whistles
47. Jigsaw Puzzles
48. Card Games
49. Coloring Books & Crayons
50. Emergency Ponchos

Beyond the Local Dollar Store

The local bargain shop is not the only place you will find some deals.  The back aisles of many drugstores and even big box home improvement stores will have deals if you take the time to seek them out.  And then there is the online kingpins, Amazon, eBay, and the local online classifieds.

The Overall TakeAway

I frequently recommend that you should purchase the very best you can afford. Still, sometimes you need something and don’t have the extra cash to purchase the best.  Or perhaps you need extra, backup supplies.

When that happens, buying things from the dollar store or some other bargain outlet simply makes good sense. Besides, it is fun to shop for bargains.  And don’t forget, you can hone your skills and increase your knowledge for free.

There are so many things that you can do to get prepared – all you really need is to get off your bum and start!